Maximize A/E Firm Profits—The Practical Road to Better Returns

Last year’s top Circle of Excellence firms enjoyed profits of more than 40 percent. The worse performers stumble by with less than five. So what separates the stellar from the cellar?

Tune into PSMJ performance improvement guru Brian Flynn, P.E., BCEE, author of Maximizing Engineering Firm Profits—Profit Fundamentals for this 60-minute podcast and learn 2019’s secrets to achieving profitability that is better than 90 percent of firms.

Brian will reveal how to use the SUM (salary-to-expense, utilization, multiplier) metrics as a comprehensive management tool, price work competitively, and grow revenue and profit. He’ll discuss–using practical steps and examples—how firm leadership can move from lackluster profits to brilliant performance. You’ll learn:

  • Ways to improve operating efficiencies
  • Why you don’t have to accept paltry profits
  • How to take a disciplined approach to better performance
  • The best way to make existing work profitable

About The Speaker:
Brian Flynn, P.E., BCEE has spent more than 40 years in the engineering and environmental industry. He was one of the founding partners of global environmental consulting firm ERM Group and the President of ERM-Southwest in Houston, TX. As a management consultant, Brian is frequently sought out by A/E firm leaders to improve their profitability, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, and lead project and financial management training programs.

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