IMPACT 2030—Frank Takes Your Questions About The Coming Decade Of Disruption

Join PSMJ Resources, Inc. Founder and CEO Frank Stasiowski, FAIA, as he invites and answers all your questions.

This is unique opportunity to learn more about what the future holds for A/E and ask the author of IMPACT 2030—Disruptions in The Design Industry for The Next 10 Years what he thinks is in store for design firms over the next decade.

Frank invites you to ask about how demographics, globalization, government expansion, and unhampered technology can benefit firms that plan or seriously hamper those that do not map out their futures. Join us as Frank talks boldly and stretches your mind to grasp the inevitable A/E future.

About Your Presenter:
In addition to being the Founder and CEO of PSMJ Resources, Inc., Frank Stasiowski is an advisor to CEOs and other leaders at many of the world’s top architecture and engineering firms. Additionally, he actively serves as an outside director for architectural and engineering firms around the globe, and Frank’s experience includes serving as a director for a publicly-traded, 4,000-person engineering firm. Frank helps his clients by challenging them to excel and to think differently about their constraints and obstacles. He sees his role as one of guiding firm leaders through a perspective that may not come naturally to them. He views success ultimately as clients not simply following his recommendation, but rather making their own decisions guided by his insight. Frank brings a special understanding and sensitivity to the issues facing design firm executives shaped by more than 40 years he has dedicated to helping design firms succeed. He is a licensed architect with degrees from the RI School of Design and a master’s degree in business administration from Bryant University with honors.

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