PSMJ’s awards recognize the A/E/C industry’s best-in-class performers on key metrics in areas ranging from financial performance to client satisfaction!

Every year, we showcase the top performers in the A/E/C space.  Our award programs don’t just recognize “flash in the pan” growth or superficial success but rather a deep commitment to sustained success and robust performance.

Here’s a quick look at our awards programs:

  • A/E/C Circle of Excellence Award.  The Circle of Excellence represents the top 20% of participants in PSMJ’s annual A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey, based on 13 key performance metrics.
  • A/E/C Platinum Award.  You want to talk about staying power?  Platinum Award winners are those firms that have been in our Circle of Excellence for 4 of the past 5 years.
  • A/E/C Premier Award for Client Satisfaction.  This award recognizes the A/E/C firms that rise to the top when it comes to client communication, project delivery performance, and cost-effective solutions.
  • A/E/C Building a Better World Award.  Growth and success aren’t always measured by profit and other financial gains.  This award recognizes organizations in the A/E/C industry that have gone above and beyond to give back to their communities.
  • A/E/C Employer of Choice Award.  This award looks beyond simple satisfaction scores to measure and recognize the most significant metric that proves you have truly satisfied employees…their level of engagement.

If you think that your A/E/C firm deserves to be recognized among the winners of of these prestigious awards, just click on any of the awards to learn more and get started!