Using PSMJ Harrison Assesments to Increase HR Productivity

You invest significant resources to train and develop key A/E/C talent. But if it isn't targeted to address specific skills gaps,  you're wasting time and money.  

PSMJ Harrison Assessments Deliver the Data

Most staff and management training programs are one-size-fits all with everyone, regardless of need, trained the same way.  That's why PSMJ partnered with Harrison Assessments to bring you the ONLY skills gap assessment tools specific to A/E/C Project Manager and A/E/C Leadership roles. 

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Predictive Analytics to Acquire, Develop,
Lead & Engage A/E/C Talent

Acquire Talent

Develop Talent

Identify critical engagement & retention factors and target develop plans across individuals, team and firm culture.

Lead Talent 

Ensure your leadership team has the skills to execute your firm's strategy and maximize the performance of your people.

Engage Talent

Understand whether key engagement expectations are being met and what action you need to take at both an individual and group level.

Automate your selection process and use predictive data and interview guides to direct your hiring decisions.

How It Works

PSMJ Harrison Assessments award-winning, cloud-based system provides secure, job-specific analytics that enhance your A/E/C talent sourcing and employee training experience.  It delivers the ONLY predictive assessments for professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Save time and money when you identify skills development needs with laser precision.

• A/E/C Project Manager Assessment

• A/E/C Leadership Assessment

Your candidates and rising talent logs on and answers a series of targeted and tested questions developed by Harrison Assessments and PSMJ Resources experts. Most complete step one in under 30 minutes.  

We crunch your data and compare it to industry-specific benchmarks to provide you with a concise action report featuring:

• A simple quantitative score of the overall fit probability for the participant to the role.

• How the participant compares to benchmarks on specific traits.

• Precise metrics on where your candidate/employee ranks on must-have, desirable, and undesirable characteristics.

• Specific training and development that will have the greatest positive impact for your firm.

Now you can flag skills gaps and pinpoint the support a employee or business unit leader will need to be successful. Only PSMJ Harrison Assessments provide this industry-specific data to help you get the most return on your talent investments. 




Move From Understanding to Action with One-on-One Coaching

PSMJ Senior Consultant Brian Burnett holds the Harrison Assessments Debriefing/Coaching and Employee Development accreditations. With these certifications, Brian has demonstrated a competency in delivering high quality debriefing and coaching to individuals using Harrison Assessments reports. His optional debriefing sessions create an opportunity for your employee to explore their strengths and weaknesses, important traits for their job position, and areas of improvement for their development. Brian can also provide insight into specific action steps your employee can take to improve their job performance.


PSMJ Harrison Assessments align your candidate and employee qualifications, wants, needs, passions, and goals to the culture of your organization and to the requirements of specific jobs. This time-tested approach exceeds general personality testing and other methods because it measures 175 factors specific to A/E/C firm success, resulting in reports that target job-specific employee engagement, success, and retention. Using this powerful tool, A/E/C firms just like yours:

• Develop internal and external talent pools with automated technology

• Empower leadership with easy-to-understand reports

• Customize Harrison Assessments reports with 6500+ Job Success Formulas

• Develop the best leaders and teams with the ability to group reports

• Customize reports with the ability to match their own firm's needs

• Rely on strong validity and legal compliance without risk


New: Remote Workforce Analytics

Whether remote work is new to your firm or you've been doing it successfully for years, your employees have likely experienced both the benefits and the challenges of getting things done while away from the office. That's why PSMJ Harrison Assessments now include remote work predictive analytics that solve the fundamental challenges:  

• How can capacity to work remotely be measured and understood?

• How can leaders change to help remote employees succeed?

• How can data and talent analytics drive good decisions?

Our new Remote Work Behavioral Competencies help A/E/C firms maximize
performance and overcome the challenges of working in a remote
environment. Using our unique behavioral competencies framework,
we have developed new competencies for Remote Productivity
and Remote Communication.

  • Remote Workers can compare their own behavioral tendencies to those that are most likely to produce positive outcomes.
  • Leaders of Remote Workers can gain insights into their own
    management style and potential adjustments that will benefit team members and organizational performance.


Download an actual A/E/C Remote Working Assessment report showing behavioral competency scores you can use to make better management decisions.

How One A/E/C Firm Used PSMJ Harrison Assessments to Drive Superior Talent Acquisition


BCRA, a multi-disciplinary design firm, was preparing for the first of several strategic new hires. With a growing team based in Seattle and Tacoma, the company wanted to be certain it found the perfect individuals for these critical roles. As a result, BCRA decided to use an assessment tool during the recruiting process. "We researched a number of assessments," says Jeni Enslin, BCRA's Director of Staff Resources. "But I was pretty familiar with many of them and knew they weren't suited to our needs." 

On the recommendation of a trusted consultant, Enslin reached out to PSMJ Harrison Assessments. After taking the assessment herself, she knew she'd found the ideal solution. And in the months that followed, BCRA used PSMJ Harrison's tools to find the ideal candidates for its strategic hires. "We loved the PSMJ Harrison tools because of the science behind them," Enslin explains. BCRA was particularly impressed with the comprehensive data provided and its elevated level of accuracy and reliability. 

THE ORGANIZATION: BCRA is an 85-person architecture and engineering firm specializing in education, government, healthcare, hospitality, parks and recreation, residential, and retail projects. With offices in Seattle and Tacoma, BCRA offers Architecture, Interior Spaces, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Land Use Planning, and Landscape Architecture. 

THE CHALLENGES: Hire talent more strategically, strengthen the company's basic recruiting, interviewing, and selection processes, and develop and promote individuals more effectively.

THE SOLUTION: PSMJ Harrison Assessments' Smart Questionnaire and Job Suitability Testing 

THE OUTCOMES: Accurately identify candidates who are aligned to BCRA's culture and core values-Ability to identify top performers and assemble high-performance teams-Significant rise of retention rate two years in a row

"One of the greatest tools PSMJ Harrison offers is its job suitability testing. It gives us a great indication of exactly which candidates or employees are most suited to particular roles based on their personal traits and behaviors," Enslin says. "These are insights you can't necessarily get by looking at someone's resume, talking to candidates during an interview, or even judging them based on past performance," she adds. After making its strategic new hires, BCRA began using the tools for a variety of purposes including strengthening the company's basic recruiting, interviewing, and selection processes. "Using PSMJ Harrison enables us to do a better job of identifying people who are aligned with our culture and our core values," Enslin says.

Today, BCRA is using PSMJ Harrison data to improve teamwork and employee development. In fact, Enslin is in the process of having everyone at the company take the Harrison assessment. "We work a lot in teams here and we have a very collaborative work environment, so we all have to be able to function effectively within our various teams. Harrison gives us the ability to see our performance objectively," she says. BCRA also uses PSMJ Harrison Assessments during the interviewing and selection process for all its new talent. The company recently filled five open positions with candidates who had just graduated from college and all of them took the Harrison assessment before BCRA extended formal job offers.  

Enslin says that using the tools has significantly reduced the number of applicants BCRA has to interview before it finds the right individuals to fill its open positions. After 90 days on the job, each new hire sits down with Enslin for a performance review. As part of this process, she discusses their PSMJ Harrison data with them. "We talk about how their positive and negative behaviors are actually manifesting on the job and how they can take action to make improvements," Enslin explains. "It's really about helping them become more self-aware and achieve personal success."

BCRA's turnover rate has dropped for the past two years in a row. While Enslin believes several factors have contributed to this drop, she gives part of the credit to using PSMJ Harrison's tools during the recruiting and selection process. "We've gotten so much better at hiring people who truly fit our culture and core values." 

For this tight-knit architecture and engineering firm, that's the foundation for a whole new level of success.

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