In-House Training Suite

If you're ready to make transformations at your architecture or engineering firm, but lack the time and resources to train a trainer, turn to the proven, fast, and cost-effective solution: PSMJ Resources' In-House Training Suite.  Each of our industry-leading programs is now available for delivery at your offices or live online, on your timetable, and adjusted to address your most significant challenges.  

Learn more about how PSMJ's award-winning A/E/C staff training and executive coaching programs can drive measurable improvements to your firm's financial performance.

Improve A/E/C Project Management Using the Industry's Most Trusted System, At Your Firm and On Your Schedule

A/E/C Project Management In-House Training
Our best-selling turnkey training program features 12 hours of A/E/C project management mastery delivered by inspiring and experienced A/E/C project leaders, onsite at your firm or live online, plus digital tools and calculators for applying everything they learn. Your team learns the same profit-boosting, deadline-beating formulas, hacks, metrics and processes we've imparted to the over 40,000 PMs who have taken our legendary 2-day A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp, including how to:

  • Master the 11 must-use parts of an ironclad project schedule
  • Avoid 5 budget busters that put projects in a financial hole
  • Keep projects and teams on schedule and budget when working remotely
  • Negotiate win-win subcontractor agreements
  • Seize new revenue opportunities through upselling and cross-selling
  • Apply “wow!” factors that help turn clients into champions
  • Spot and fix profit killers before they become major problems

And 47 additional use-them-now skills, best-in-class implementation- tools, calculators, checklists

and ongoing one-on-one support to transform your project managers' professional value and

ability to deliver superior results on every A/E/C project they manage.


NEW: A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System

PSMJ's newest enhanced training option, A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System (EPPS), takes our PM training a step further by bringing a customized program to your team to address your firm's most significant staff skill shortfalls, the ones that can cost million in lost profits, dissatisfied clients, and damage to your reputation. EPPS includes intensive post-training assessments and implementation coaching to ensure enterprise-wide adoption of key principals and processes. One EPPS customer reported a $9 million increase in profits after implementing the program. 


Standard A/E/C Project Management In-house Training

A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System

Proven A/E/C project management tips and techniques delivered by the industry's most experienced and inspiring instructors

Spreadsheet templates, calculators, and other digital tools for immediately applying new skills to specific projects

Pre-Training PM Skills Test to Identify Deficiencies, Post-Training Exam to Measure Improvement, and Principals' Implementation Plan 

AIA Credit and CEU/PDH hours

PSMJ's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Quarterly follow-up meetings and unlimited phone/email support to promote firm-wide progress toward established performance standards

Pre-training assessments and consultations with firm leaders to determine PM skill set deficiency

Content 100% customized to address your firm's most pressing needs 

Menu of pre-training activities to build baseline skills 

A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System (EPPS) delivers a 3-step high-impact custom learning experience tailored to find and fix your firm’s often-hidden profit-killers. First, seasoned PSMJ experts with deep A/E/C industry knowledge identify staff skill deficits, incorporate your business objectives, KPIs, and unique challenges, then create and conduct a turnkey training program, either in-person or live online, that improves the performance, enthusiasm, and engagement of your entire team.

Pre-program analysis and benchmarking targets your areas of pressing need

An intensive interactive seminar at your office, or live online, teaches critical skills

Post-training follow-up

coaching cements your staff's gains in place

PSMJ's In-House Training Programs Maximize Your Firm's Financial Performance

PSMJ also offers in-house training programs to address every need and for every professional on your team. Choose from a full menu of courses, each delivered onsite at your firm or live online, and built on our most popular in-person events:

A/E/C Principals Coaching

A/E/C Business Development

Public Works Project Management

Maintaining strong backlog, sustaining profitability, and finding and keeping top talent are just some of the tasks that real-deal A/E/C principals execute every day. This in-house program, with lessons and data drawn from our popular A/E/C Principals Bootcamp, teaches essential skills for inspiring teams and driving revenue growth.

In both flush markets and in lean periods, the highest performing A/E/C firms are those staffed with great seller-doers.  This program elevates both skill and confidence levels for your firm's Principals, Project Managers, and anyone with business development responsibility by clearly and completely explaining how to develop and implement winning proposal strategies.

With new investment in infrastructure comes renewed focus on cost, contractor, and schedule management. Give your agency supervisors and forepersons the skills they need to keep multiple stakeholders happy with project management protocols used by the most admired public works departments.

A/E/C Leaders Coaching

A/E/C Financial Management 

Learn how the most successful A/E/C firms manage cash flow, allocate resources, navigate market upheaval, set fees, pursue projects, monitor team productivity, and plan for the future. Over 1500 Principals and CFOs have attended the in-person or online version of this program, now available at your offices and fine-tuned to address your firm's specific financial challenges.  

Great A/E/C firm leaders have made the  jump from managing tasks, goals, and targets to coaching people, driving change, and inspiring high performance all around them. This program coaches your current and next-gen leaders with industry-specific high impact strategies based on decades of analyzing what the best A/E/C leaders have in common.

Association Partnerships Bring Non-Dues Revenue to Your Chapter

If your association chapter is interested in generating non-dues revenue, with no risk, partner with PSMJ Resources to present a training program at your offices or a convenient conference venue in your area. 
Key Benefits:

• Impactful training programs brought directly to your members at a price you set

• Your chapter assumes zero financial risk

• PSMJ provides marketing and logistical support


Association Partnership Scenarios:

For more information on PSMJ Resources Association Partnerships, contact Kristina Sibert at 617-965-0055.


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