Quarterly Market Forecast:
Special COVID-19 CRISIS Edition

When economic conditions are changing quickly, what is the best upstream indicator of future workloads for architecture and engineering professionals?

To drive your strategic growth planning, you need early stage data on not just the entire A/E marketplace, but specifically on which markets are hot and which markets are not.  Marketing spending, M&A investments, and strategic hiring all need this data (not guesses) to drive results.  While data on overall construction activity and billings are helpful, these are actually lagging indicators because they refer to work already in-progress or completed.


To ensure we are giving you the most timely, relevant, and action-oriented content that you need for success in these fast-changing times, we have added a set of questions in this survey specifically related to workload, remote work, project delays, and other impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

Only proposal activity is the true leading indicator for A/E business!  To help you to chart out your firm’s future, we’ve been producing our popular Quarterly Market Forecast on A/E proposal activity since 2003. This report is published every quarter and provides you with a first-hand look into a wide range of key client markets like healthcare, transportation, and many others.

Quarterly Market Forecast

What makes the Quarterly Market Forecast even more unique and valuable?  It is produced based on proposal activity data from architecture and engineering firm leaders just like you! That means that your participation is vital to keep this data relevant and meaningful. Now more than ever, you need this data at your side to provide clarity and confidence in an uncertain world.

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