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Firms that participate value hard data and are more likely to benchmark their performance than the average firm. The most profitable firms in the industry measure themselves against the best performers. The process begins with entering your data into a pool with your peers.

Only with firm participation will there be vital information for the entire industry to realize better business performance. Together, you and firms across North America generate current, accurate, and significant benchmarking data for 2022.

For each survey, you receive a FREE Benchmark Tool, an excel-based, interactive decision-making aid embedded with key data directly from the information gathered from contributing firms. Using your Benchmark Tool, you'll compare and contrast your firm with peers.



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"2022 A/E/C Compensation Practices Check-Up"

Just as A/E/C markets heat up, pay demands are rising and the talent pool is shrinking. So are your compensation practices in line with the realities of both hiring and retaining a great workforce in 2022? In this action-planning video, PSMJ Senior Consultant Jared Jamison, P.E. breaks down the very latest A/E/C compensation benchmarking data and explains how to hit the "sweet spot" that keeps top talent engaged without putting your firm's financial performance goals in jeopardy.  

  • The state of the current A/E/C talent market and drivers affecting it
  • What “The Great Resignation” may mean for the A/E/C industry
  • How to stay competitive for critical talent in today’s hot labor market
  • How to identify unconscious bias and address comp inequities

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