Platinum Award

Platinum Award winners have been in the Circle of Excellence for four of the past five years!

PSMJ's Platinum Award

Now we’re talking real staying power.  PSMJ’s Circle of Excellence is one of the most exclusive groups of top-performing A/E/C organizations around.  Based on 13 key performance metrics, making it into the Circle of Excellence is no small feat.  But, what can make a big achievement and even bigger deal?  Doing it over and over again!

To earn the Platinum Award, an A/E/C firm must make it into the Circle of Excellence for four of the previous five years (including the current year).  When your firm wins the Platinum Award, it displays an unparalleled level of consistency and achievement across many different aspects of your firm’s business.  The benefits to this are many – from making your firm more attractive in mergers and acquisitions (as both a buyer and a seller) to showing prospective employees that you walk the walk!

To get started on your journey towards Platinum Award status, you simply need to participate in our annual A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey…the top 20% (on 13 key performance metrics) make it into the Circle of Excellence!

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Each year we recognize the Platinum Award winners at our annual THRIVE conference. To learn more about THRIVE, click here.