NEW PSMJ E-Learning Courses:

New E-Learning modules from PSMJ Resources, the global leader in business and project performance improvement resources for the A/E/C industry, make it easy to acquire new skills and enhance existing ones. Choose from 20 just-updated interactive courses that teach the hacks, formulas, and processes used by the most profitable architecture and engineering firms.  

Perfect for training one or hundreds of your most important A/E/C contributors

PSMJ Resources' interactive and expert-led E-learning courses for Architecture and Engineering firm staff put powerful professional development at your fingertips. Built on over 40 years of training over 40,000 A/E/C PMs, these new interactive online classes are the perfect solution when in-person professional development isn't an option.

Now, whether you're training one PM or over a hundred, it’s easy to make sure your team has critical skills that drive better project outcomes and greater profitability! Get the complete Best Practices in A/E/C Project Management E-learning package, specific suites,  or choose individual courses to attack your firm's isolated skillset deficiencies.

Complete Set:

SAVE $400

1.3 Anticipating and Managing Project Risks

1.4 Contract Terms and Conditions

1.1 Business Development for Project Managers

1.2 Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

Complete Suite 1:
Setting the Stage

2.1 Critical Success Factors

2.2 Scheduling the Project

2.3 Organizing the Project Team

2.5 Developing A Project Management Plan

2.4 Preparing the Project Financial Plan

Complete Suite 2:
Planning the

3.3 Managing Project Change

3.2 Controlling Budget & Schedule with Earned Value Management

3.4 Managing Project Quality

3.1 Project Startup

3.5 Wrapping Up the Project

Complete Suite 3: Managing the Project

4.4 Team Leadership

4.2 Personal Productivity

4.3 Effective Communications

4.6 Financial Fundamentals

4.5 Managing Client Relationships

4.1 Today's Project Manager

Complete Suite 4:
Project Leadership

A/E/C Enterprise E-Learning from PSMJ Makes Firmwide Training a Snap

PSMJ's A/E/C Enterprise E-Learning option is the smart way to get your entire team up to speed on the best ways to manage projects, clients, budgets, schedules, and more.  With Enterprise E-Learning, any or all of our training modules are available either on our portal or for upload to your LMS.  And with attractive volume discounts, the more you train, the more you save!

Let's talk about how to apply our e-learning courses to improving project and financial performance through a comprehensive firmwide training program.

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