Community Service

Creating a lasting impact is about way more than just financial and business success.

At PSMJ, we recognize that we have a much broader calling than helping our clients and customers to be more successful. Our team is always looking for ways to use our success and visibility and resources to make the world a better place. Particularly with respect to the built environment – a place where our clients and customers operate every day – we want to be a part of the solution to some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.

Beyond encouraging our team to get involved with the charitable organizations that are near and dear to them, as a group we also commit resources to a number of non-profit efforts. One such effort that we are quite proud of unfolded in the devastating wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Recognizing that the Gulf Coast had an unfathomable road to recovery ahead, PSMJ spearheaded a unified effort of the design and construction community to raise funds to help rebuild. Named the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund, Inc., this charitable 501 (c) 3 organization was established in Massachusetts as a special design and construction industry initiative focused on the long-term rebuilding needs of the Gulf Coast communities hardest hit by the storm. Its mission was to raise funds to be donated specifically for use in the planning, redesign and permitting work necessary to start the rebuilding.

As advisors to CEOs of many top design firms around the world, PSMJ sought to unite many facets of the design and construction industries in this undertaking. Frank Stasiowski, PSMJ Founder, and his wife, Joan, began the effort by appealing to leaders in the design and construction industry and by giving a personal donation of $10,000. PSMJ employees donated their time and demonstrated their commitment and the PSMJ organization contributed $25,000 to this start-up operation. The Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund called upon industry associations and the trade media by asking them to help spread the word to members and readers in this rebuilding effort.

Through the support of many individuals and firms representing the design and construction industries and friends and family of PSMJ, the fund became a reality. Donations collected through the fund have been dispersed specifically to some of the most devastated Gulf Coast communities to begin the process of applying for funding to rebuild what was lost.

In January 2011, Frank and Joan traveled to Mississippi to witness the dedication of the Bay St. Louis Community Hall. For more information and updates on the efforts of the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund, please visit the Fund’s blog at: .

Please take a few minutes to watch the short video below and witness a Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund success story! Special thanks to Mark LePatner, the talented producer of this amazing documentary.

Due to the generous support of its donors and all those who have contributed in other ways, the Gulf Coast Rebuilding Fund has made a significant contribution to the rebuilding of the Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Community.

We thank all of the organizations and individuals who have offered their time, resources and prayers to the individuals and communities left devastated by Hurricane Katrina.