A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System

Enterprise Project Performance

See how one A/E/C firm got serious about improving PM performance -- and added $9 million to the bottom line.

PSMJ research proves that incremental gains in A/E/C Project Manager performance drive outsized improvement in overall financial results, but only if every PM in the company commits to a new standard of process excellence.
Execute an enterprise-wide culture shift at YOUR firm when you partner with the industry's most-trusted Project Manager training provider.

  • Ready to dramatically improve your A/E/C firm's financial performance by eliminating negative variances on projects, reducing WIP, and speeding cashflow?
  • Want to instill passion for high-performance throughout your PM team, and hit your most aggressive targets?
  • Tired of A/E/C training programs that offer only short-term gains and fail to drive permanent cultural change at your firm?


Schedule a brief, no-obligation discovery call to learn more about PSMJ’s A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System (EPPS), the 3-phase cultural transformation process built from PSMJ’s industry-leading A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp, long-proven to improve financial results by increasing the profitability of individual projects. 

VIDEO: Gannett Fleming CEO Bob Scaer, P.E. explains how implementing PSMJ's enterprise-wide Project Manager training added $9 million to the engineering giant's bottom line through elimination of variances. 

How A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System Works: 

PHASE I: Working Together, We Establish A Plan of Attack

PSMJ's A/E/C Project Management experts work closely with your C-Suite, applying our comprehensive benchmarking process and your internal data to identify profit-loss areas in your firm ready for improvement.

PHASE II: We Teach Your PMs How to Improve the Outcomes of Every Project

PSMJ's coaches, each a seasoned A/E/C industry veteran, deliver specialized PM training that targets these areas, blending our proven methods with your firm's unique culture and imperatives.

PHASE III: We Cement Your Gains in Place

To ensure your firm's adoption of better PM practices is both enterprise-wide and permanent, EPPS includes a suite of ongoing implementation monitoring and course-correction tools, all focused on long-term elimination of negative variances and improved financial performance.

Let's Talk.

Interested in making your A/E/C firm even more profitable? Establishing and implementing a culture of superior project management is your clear path forward. Schedule a quick no-obligation discovery call to learn how PSMJ's A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System's proven coaching and implementation process can transform your balance sheet.


"Like Finding $9 Million!"

Executive leadership at Gannett Fleming, a 2500-employee strong provider of planning, design, technology and construction management services, sought to build on already-strong financial performance by attacking negative variances.  

The firm selected PSMJ’s A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System to help establish and institutionalize superior PM practices at the enterprise level. PSMJ experts first targeted areas for specific PM training by carefully benchmarking the firm's performance in key areas:

  • Profitability (% of Net Revenue)
  • Staff Turnover Rate (per FTE)
  • Staff Size Change (% Based on FTEs)
  • Net Revenue per FTE ($000)
  • Direct Labor Rate ($/HR)
  • Target Direct Labor Multiplier
  • Achieved Direct Labor Multiplier
  • Chargeability (Based on $ of Labor)
  • Total OH Rate (before Incentive/Bonus)
  • Operating Return on Overhead (ROO)
  • Non-Labor OH Rate
  • Net Payroll Multiplier (Revenue Factor)
  • Net Revenue Backlog (days)
  • Net Revenues Surplus/Deficit
  • Average Days in WIP
  • Average Days in A/R
  • Total Collection Days (WIP + A/R)
  • Equity per FTE ($000s)


Next, PSMJ consultants designed and executed a comprehensive series of management and staff interviews, surveys, training programs, and assessments that combined PSMJ’s best-in-class PM education modules with Gannet Fleming’s unique cultural imperatives. Then, PSMJ installed our 6-element post-training Implementation Tactics to lock improvements in place and assure a staggering ROI.  

After completing the A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System process, Gannett Fleming experienced a reduction in negative variances from 0.12 times direct labor to zero net variance, saving $9 million per year in previously lost profits. Executive leadership has now established new goals of (1) raising goal labor multiplier and (2) consistently generating zero net variance.

For another A/E/C firm implementing PSMJ's A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System, an increase of 0.1 in achieved Direct Labor Multiplier (from 3.06 to 3.16) increased profits by $4.7 million per year (2020 data). To achieve such a profit bump through growth would have required selling an additional $37 million in new work and hiring (and equipping) an additional 150 FTEs. What makes more sense?

Art Hoffmann, P.E.

Executive Vice President, Gannett Fleming

“Gannett Fleming started working with PSMJ on a comprehensive, customized PM training program. Prior to that, we had been doing most of our PM training in-house. Despite our best efforts, we were realizing persistently large negative variances on our projects. So our primary goal was to reduce these negative variances. Another goal was to increase..."


A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System (EPPS) is built from decades of delivering PSMJ’s essential A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp to tens of thousands of A/E/C Project Managers. 

PSMJ's position as the worldwide leader in A/E/C training and research on project management means your firm benefits from a proven and systematic approach, moving from issue identification to customized learning to implementation that sticks for the long haul. This permanent shift separates organizations with a high performance project management culture from the rest of the pack, and it's reflected in their superior financial results.

Q: How is A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System different from attending A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp?

Attending one of our popular bootcamps is a great way to learn the fundamentals and bring new ideas back to your firm. EPPS takes it a step further by identifying your areas of greatest need, pinpointing the training to attack those needs, and fully-equipping you to implement change at an enterprise level.

Q: Do we need to attend A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp before deploying EPPS at our firm?

No. This program includes all the training you need from our A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp.

Q: Does this have an in-person or virtual training component?

Yes! We can deliver the training component in-person or virtually…whatever works best for you.

Q: How do we know this will work at our firm?

Your firm’s specific issues form the bedrock of your customized program, determined by a thorough benchmarking process. More than a training program, this is a enterprise-wide system tailored to your financial performance goals. We have hard data from some of the industry's most respected A/E/C firms proving the efficacy of this breakthrough system. 


Reasons to Trust PSMJ to Deliver Superior PM Improvement ... and a Minimum 3X ROI


At PSMJ, the A/E/C industry is not an important client sector… it’s the ONLY client sector we serve. All PSMJ instructors have 20+ years of experience in managing projects for some of North America’s premier firms. So your PMs learn the most valuable lessons, not irrelevant theory.


PSMJ has successfully trained over 40,000 A/E/C Project Managers from thousands of firms, but we also incorporate your team’s drivers, pain points, challenges and motivators into your custom program for maximum effectiveness. 


With over 100 hours of tuned and tested training materials in our arsenal, we can customize your training program faster, better, and less expensively than a generic consultant forced to develop modules from scratch.


PSMJ guarantees a minimum 3x return on investment, as measured by project financial performance, client satisfaction, cross-selling volume, and firm profitability.  


To keep sub-optimal habits and practices from reappearing and dragging down financial performance, A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System's custom follow-up assessments and reviews ensure your firm maintains your new standard of excellence. 

Let's Talk.

Interested in making your A/E/C firm even more profitable? Establishing and implementing a culture of superior project management is your clear path forward. Schedule a quick no-obligation discovery call to learn how PSMJ's A/E/C Enterprise Project Performance System's proven coaching and implementation process can transform your balance sheet.

You Take No Risk.

EPPS is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If this proven system doesn’t move the needle at your firm – just like it has for some of the industry’s most recognized names – just let us know and we’ll make it right or refund your full investment.

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