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PSMJ’s unique results-driven approach to mergers and acquisitions advice means we’re not just about closing deals. We’re committed to creating long-term sustainable value for you, even if that means recommending that you back away from a transaction. PSMJ’s global team of mergers and acquisitions experts will guide you through the entire process – from developing a winning search strategy to successful post-transaction integration.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Trusted by A/E/C Firms

For over 45 years, PSMJ Resources has been the most trusted name in M&A advice for A/E/C firm owners and principals because of a singular focus on crafting transactions that work for all parties.

Unlike generic business consultants and CPA firms, our M&A team has facilitated and advised on hundreds of transactions of all sizes, ALL in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.  This singular focus means our experts are the best positioned to help you achieve objectives by applying a broad array of services: 

“We certainly recommend PSMJ’s mergers and acquisitions consulting team to other firms, especially those who are not very experienced in this area. PSMJ has always represented Morrison-Maierle professionally, and has had our best interests in mind, while being fair to the firms we were negotiating with. Their advice has always been sound, and they were always responsive when we needed their advice or work products. Their experience in the M&A field is impressive and they were adaptable in meeting our specific needs.”Robert J. Morrison President & CEO Morrison-Maierle, Inc.

Merger and Acquisition Strategy. Your successful merger or acquisition starts when we help you answer hard questions about what smart growth really looks like and how a transaction (or firm sale) achieves your objectives. With hundreds of deals under our belt, we can share deep insights about what works and where real value can be revealed.

Target sourcing and screening. Leveraging our worldwide network and a brand reputation that is second-to-none, we dig deep to identify and contact the highest quality targets that align with your defined goals.

Valuation. Don’t let your purchase or sale get derailed by unrealistic firm valuation expectations. PSMJ experts bring our vast proprietary data and experience to bear on putting the right price on your deal.

Negotiation Support and Letter of Intent Preparation. When things get sticky, a voice of reason can carry the day. Our reputation, perspective, and deep industry knowledge lend credibility and creativity when you need it most.

Due Diligence. Moving your deal from “if” to “how”, our team examines project liabilities, cultural, strategic and financial alignment, and key metrics to ensure smooth planning and a focus on what matters most.

Integration. Way before the closing, we’re working with you to align the two organizations, so that the closing really is the start of great things to come.

A Proven Track Record

Need some proof that we can get your next merger or acquisition across the finish line? Check out some recent transactions where our M&A experts initiated, advised, or otherwise facilitated the deal:

M&A Checklist


Founded in 1986, Wilson Architectural Group, now Dewberry Architects, is a nearly 40-person architectural firm with a portfolio of healthcare, corporate and commercial, industrial, sports and recreation, laboratories, and civic buildings in Houston and throughout Texas. Headquartered in Houston, Wilson has developed a strong diverse background in various project types, which gives the firm a broad insight into the general design and technology issues facing today’s construction and development programs. 

The Challenge

According to Gary Wilson, founding partner, he began thinking about ownership transition more than 7 years earlier, yet determining a fair value for his firm was the first challenge. “I had four firms approach me about acquiring our firm, and a couple of times the negotiation went along for a while, he recalls. “Whether they lasted a long or a short period of time, I discovered that what we thought our firm was worth and what others thought it was worth were two widely different numbers. “

“Then I decided that I needed to know what my firm was really worth, and figure out how to transition my ownership,” Wilson adds. “My first thought was to find out what the firm was worth and flip it into an ESOP. I became convinced that I was not big enough to do an ESOP, and so we looked at it from a different direction.”

The Solution

Wilson came to the conclusion that no one locally had the expertise or the breadth of knowledge to understand what his firm was worth on a national basis. “I felt that a national firm was probably going to give me a better picture of what the real value was,” he says. “After doing a little bit of research, I came to the conclusion that PSMJ was the most knowledgeable. So I gave PSMJ a call, and signed them up to do a valuation.”

Initially, PSMJ provided Wilson with information on what his firm was worth if he transitioned it internally, externally, and or as a strategic purchase. “When I saw the lowest and the highest numbers, I said ‘that is a big range’,” Wilson recalls. “And so I asked how do I make it a smaller range?

Consequently, PSMJ conducted a blind survey of Wilson employees to understand company culture, and a blind survey of its clients to evaluate the prospect for continuing work. “They came back and said the range is smaller,” Wilson says. “Here is your firm’s worth if you transition it internally, externally, and if it’s a strategic purchase. And then they said they could possibly sell it for the strategic transition price. Then I asked how do we do that, and they came up with a list of possible firms.”

The Results

The partners at Wilson sought a firm that could help then increase its capacity to support its clients, provide more professional growth opportunities for its employees, and support the future longevity of the practice in Houston.

PSMJ connected Wilson with Dewberry, and, according to Wilson, the negotiations went well and quickly because the two firms were a good fit on a number of levels. “I was looking to leverage myself out,” Wilson says. “And they were looking to get into the Gulf Coast, and to do primarily healthcare, and we happen to fit both of those criteria. They said they were writing a description of the ideal firm when PSMJ approached them with our portfolio, and they said this is what we are looking for, and so it didn’t take long for us to agree to agree.”

Reflecting on his path to transitioning firm ownership in such a strategic sale, Wilson says that PSMJ helped keep their expectations realistic. “We knew what a reasonable price was and why it was reasonable, he says. “We knew what our strengths and weaknesses were. They kept our expectations in line with what the market would bare. It turns out what they told me was very close to what we ended up selling the firm for. Also PSMJ was able to add perspective during the negotiations, and was able to step in and be our spokesman when we had to get down and wrestle in the mud with someone who was eventually going to be our partner and boss,” Wilson concludes.

Even if you've been through the M&A process before, it's easy to forget a critical issue to discuss with your counterparty. So download and keep PSMJ's handy A/E/C Mergers & Acquisitions Critical Issues Checklist to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and your transaction closes without a hitch!

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