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If your product or service helps architecture or engineering firm executives execute business functions, increase profits, or solve challenges, PSMJ Resources has the lead gen channels you need to expand market share. 

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PSMJ Resources Offers Sponsorship Opportunitiesto Meet Every Budget

Webinars and Podcasts

A/E/C Executive Bootcamps


Audience: Over 1,800 A/E/C executives participated in a 60-minute PSMJ webinar or Senior Executive Briefing in 2020

PSMJ Resources Webinars and Senior Executive Briefings are live broadcasts, offered as both audio-only and full video presentations, addressing the most pressing challenges for A/E/C firm leadership. Featuring guests from the industry, government, and institutions, each dispenses hard-nosed data, business management advice, and insider intelligence for leveraging emergent opportunities. Your brand and message will reach over 10,000 opt-in records via marketing vehicles and each event averages 209 participants.

Why Sponsor Webinars and Podcasts?

✓ Generate leads – you get detailed contact information for both registrants and those who download the webcast over the subsequent three months

✓ Create awareness through branding and your opportunity to speak on the webcast

✓ Establish your company as a thought leader

✓ Reach a highly targeted, engaged audience of decision-makers

✓ Create great content that can be re-used by your sales teams for potential clients

2019 A/E/C Bootcamp Attendance: 3,877

Our in-person and virtual training sessions for 40-60 architecture and engineering firm executives, principals, project managers and technical staff target specific skills gaps with practical and proven success methods. PSMJ Resources produces and markets these intensive 12-hour programs addressing the hottest issues the A/E/C industry faces, each conducted by leading experts and active firm executives. 

PSMJ Resources A/E/C Bootcamps present a unique opportunity to position your brand and solution before decisionmakers over an extended time period and communicate your value proposition directly to those with buying authority. While our programs are currently delivered live via internet conferencing due to Pandemic restrictions, we anticipate a return in 2021 to in-person events held a class-A hotel properties across North America, with hybrid delivery options in the interim.

Why Sponsor A/E/C Bootcamps?

✓ Increased brand reputation by aligning it with the leader in A/E/C business practices training

✓ Drive visits to your website or other URL

✓ Reach decision makers and position your company as an industry thought leader

Audience: in 2019, 221 senior executives in architecture and engineering firms enjoyed 3 days of keynote addresses, targeted learning sessions, receptions, and awards presentations. We anticipate even greater numbers as we return to in-person events in 2021.

For 14 years, A/E/C THRIVE has been the annual growth and profitability conference for A/E/C CEOs, CFOs, Principals, Business Development leads and Human Resources managers. Hundreds of decisionmakers gather for 3 days of networking and learning about new strategies in leadership, profitability, sales, marketing, financial management, technology, HR management, and more. It’s the leading business practices improvement conference in the A/E/C industry.

In addition to on-site branding and face-to-face time with key decisionmakers, you benefit from the event’s extensive digital and print campaign that reaches the essential target market for your solution.

Why Sponsor A/E/C THRIVE?

✓ Create brand awareness and visibility

✓ Generate leads

✓ Cultivate relationships with high-level executives

✓ Set up follow-up appointments to expedite deals

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Lead Gen Opportunity:A/E/C Senior Executive Briefings Bring Peer Insights to Your Market's Desktop

A/E/C business management legend Frank Stasiowski FAIA hosts this live and online video broadcast connecting PSMJ members with the latest actionable advice and strategy solutions driving firm growth. He's joined by 200-300 CEOs, CFOs, and Principals from A/E/C firms. Sponsoring this broadcast associates your brand with the most respected voices in architecture and engineering firm executive leadership. 

Where Are Architecture and Engineering Firms Investing in Practice Management Software?
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PSMJ Resources asked A/E/C executives to share what practice management software platforms their firms are using now -- and where they plan to make upgrades in the next 12-24 months. Download your FREE copy of our survey report to see their current applications and why they are open to changing. 

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