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Each quarter, you get the latest business intelligence on which industry markets are hot and which are cooling. This is exclusive survey data coming directly to you from firms across the country, collected, processed and explained by PSMJ data analysis experts.

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NEW FOR 2021: Member Meetups Connect You With Peers... and Solutions

PSMJ Membership's newest benefit, Member Meetups, are issue-specific monthly virtual conferences for A/E/C leaders. Gain fresh perspectives and ideas for solving your firm's toughest challenges, and share your own best-practices, when you join these LIVE ONLINE roundtables.  Choose from: 

  • Human Resources and Talent Management
  • Financial Management
  • Small Firm Leadership
  • Rising A/E/C Leaders
  • Contract Administration
  • Technology
  • Marketing and Business Developments

Participation is limited to PSMJ Members.


A/E/C Senior Executive Briefings Bring Peer Insights to Your Desktop

A/E/C business management legend Frank Stasiowski FAIA hosts this live and online video broadcast connecting PSMJ members with the latest actionable advice and strategy solutions driving firm growth. He's joined by CEOs, CFOs, and Principals from A/E/C firms facing and overcoming the same challenges you are. Access to this exclusive no-nonsense discussion is worth a multiple of your membership fee. 


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*Billed Annually

*Billed Annually

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Here's What Your Peer A/E/C Professionals Say About PSMJ Membership

"I’ve been a member for a year now and just wanted to let you know I think the email strings and newsletters have been phenomenal. The topics discussed by various members have all been topics of interest in our office and the newletters continue to impress me with the pertinent information."

Fred J Vinciguerra

“Having a PSMJ membership has been to be a definite advantage. 

The newsletter articles are timely, the discussion forums are interesting and informative. We have taken advantage of the PSMJ Project Management training session in-house, which proved to invaluable. If anyone is considering membership, don't hesitate. 

You will not be sorry.”

“I have been a PSMJ member for years. In terms of getting great ideas and helping my company prosper, 

it is the best business and project management service in the AEC industry. I am continually sharing articles with my employees and using them as the focus of staff meetings and retreats. Keep up 

the great work.”

Carol Reeser

Hans Berglund

"We have only gotten the newsletters for a few months, 

but I love them. The content has been good – well written with enough detail to be meaningful, 

but not too much so that the articles are too long to read. 

Keep up the good work."

"PSMJ has always been a great resource, but they have really brought their “A” game during COVID and this time of uncertainty. The weekly Sr. Executive Briefings have been very helpful. They’re conducting more surveys and keeping their fingers on the pulse of the country and the industry. Well worth the investment."

"Our firm enjoys the PSMJ

newsletter. There is great information contained in the

articles and the overall industry statistics are very valuable to help us gauge our business. We pass it around our management team on

a monthly basis."

Keith Pehl

Jackie Shufelberger

Jess Henson

“I really appreciate the newsletters. They are always timely, relevant 

to our industry and informative. 

A must read every month.”

Chris Cook

"PSMJ adds value to the A-E community. The newsletter content is always relevant and offers fresh perspective on timely topics. Their reports dive deep on specific topics and present hard data. The email discussions are a resource for sharing practices and lessons learned across our peer group."

"Every month we find something in the PSMJ newsletter that can benefit our management team or staff. The variety of content and easy to read format is greatly appreciated!!!"

Tim Craddock

John Southard

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