A Look at the Political, Economic, and Tech Trends… And the Actions You Should Take Now

With Gene Marks, CPA, small business owner, and columnist for The Guardian

The most successful design firm leaders have one thing in common—they always look ahead. While they execute their plans for the current year, they look forward to the years to come:

  • How will they navigate through a potential economic downturn?
  • What impact will the 2020 elections have on their firms and the industry?
  • What investments should they be making?
  • What technologies should they be considering?

Gene Marks, CPA and business owner, helps business leaders envision the future. He knows design firm leaders have people who rely on them—staff, clients, subcontractors, vendors, and partners—and expect them to grow and thrive in good markets and in more difficult times.

Marks uses the most current information available and hard to come by data and shares the tactics, strategies, and ideas that firm leaders need to grow their businesses beyond 2020. By attending this podcast, you will learn…

  • Political candidates and their potential impact on healthcare, taxes, and the economy
  • Compensation and management trends and strategies you need to know
  • Tax and regulatory considerations in play in the decade ahead
  • Technologies coming in 10 years and decisions in this area needed now

Gene Marks (@GeneMarks), CPA, is a business owner, author, and columnist for The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Hill, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Forbes Magazine. He appears regularly on MSNBC and Fox News as well as the John Batchelor Show and SiriusXM’s Wharton Business Channel where he talks about the financial, economic, and technology issues that affect business leaders today.