One Goal, Two Perspectives to Find, Keep, and Engage Millennial Design Firm Professionals

Those Baby Boomer executives and Generation Xer managers who successfully engage and channel the energy, creativity, and technology savviness of these professionals will meet today’s business goals and exceed tomorrow’s challenges.

The task facing architectural and engineering firms is to first find the best and brightest young professionals from the Millennial Generation and then convince them that joining their architectural or engineering firms is a good bet for the future. Josh Miles, author of Bold Brand 2.0: How to Leverage Brand Strategy to Reposition, Differentiate, and Market Your Professional Services Firm details how brand can help your firm win the talent war:

  • Position your brand to attract those professionals drawn to your mission
  • Validate Millennials’ need to work with professionals whose vision most meets their own

Meanwhile, Tim Griffin, P.E., MBA, LEED AP, author of Lattes, Puppies, and Unlimited Vacation: Attracting, Retaining, and Empowering Millennial Design Firm Professionals covers how appealing to young design professionals takes putting careful systems in place:

  • Deliver a training and mentoring culture where on-the-spot instruction and relevant experiences are commonplace
  • Where delegation is not a dirty word—where young people can work and be trusted to take on relevant responsibilities

In this one-hour podcast, you will learn:

  • How to market that part of your firm that is most appealing to young professional architects and engineers
  • What Millennials find most attractive when it comes to firm culture and strategic goals
  • How architects and engineers can produce alongside this new generation of workers