IMPACT 2030—Winners And Losers In The Coming Decade Of Disruption

In a world where the POTUS and Mega Millions jackpots are larger than life and equally unpredictable, being able to forecast the immediate future seems outrageous. So sitting down to predict how the A/E industry and the professionals in it will grow and change over the next decade? Tougher still — but crucial.

Listen as PSMJ Founder and CEO Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA, author of IMPACT 2030—Disruptions in The Design Industry for The Next 10 Years, examines where the A/E/C industry is headed and details changes to a design profession where …

  • Clients visit buildings not yet constructed
  • Mistake-free designs reduces liability to zero
  • Structures collapse and are thrown away—on purpose
  • And more…

Frank explains how demographics, globalization, government expansion, and dramatic technological changes will benefit firms that plan — or seriously challenge firms that fail to map out their futures. You learn how in the A/E/C industry of the future:

  • Client relationships with their buildings will begin with the RFP
  • Integrated project delivery will include project and data management
  • New disciplines like coast engineering and other climate-integrated specialties will emerge as essential
  • Teams of professionals talk via blockchain
  • And so much more

Frank made bold predictions in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. Nearly all have come true. Stretching the mind to grasp your inevitable future is a scary proposition, but holding onto the past results in certain failure.

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About Frank:
In addition to founding and leading PSMJ Resources, the leading global provider of practice management and performance improvement information for the A/E/C industry, Frank Stasiowski is an advisor to CEOs and other leaders at many of the world’s top architecture and engineering firms. He actively serves as a director for A/E organizations around the globe, including a publicly-traded, 4,000-person engineering firm. Frank helps his clients by challenging them to excel and to think differently about their constraints and obstacles.