Contract Administration Pitfalls And Solutions

Effectively executed A/E contracts ensure overall business success and continuity of the firm. The management of these contracts, therefore, is very important and helps determine the degree of success or failure of the enterprise. Yet most firms do not have a dedicated person assigned to the business process called contract administration. Should they?

If you are an A/E contract administrator or if you are your firm’s go-to person for these critical tasks, join Bob Jack for this 60-minute podcast. Jack packs his 40 years of contract administration experience into this presentation and offers:

  • Pitfalls to avoid and ways to prevent/resolve troublesome noncompliance issues
  • The pre-contract, proposal, and negotiation phases and tips to make these stages more productive
  • Tips to manage risk and unusual terms or conditions
  • Strategies to ensure project performance and make close out meaningful

About Your Presenter:
Bob Jack career includes 24 years with global engineering and construction company Parsons Corporation in Pasadena, CA. Jack holds a BA in Economics from California State University at Los Angeles and earned an MBA from Azusa Pacific University and Masters of Science in Advanced Management from Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School.

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