Looking Beyond the Mega-Firms to Find Your Firm’s Buyer: Non-Traditional M&A Strategies for A/E/C Principals

Size doesn’t matter. And for many A/E/C firms, there are much better options than the Big Dogs.

When laying the foundation for an external firm sale, it’s tempting to focus only on the biggest fish, or the firms with the deepest pockets. But that’s a mistake. In this candid discussion with a seasoned M&A consultant serving both buyers and sellers in A/E/C firm transactions, you’ll learn how to discard common myths that limit your options and unnecessarily extend the search process. And how to make more confident decisions about when and with whom you’ll walk down the aisle.

You’ll get proven strategies – based on actual transactions and negotiations – for:

  • Appealing to non-traditional buyers, such as mid-level partners, similar-sized firms, and private equity firms building a platform company
  • Making smart decisions based on the very latest data – not on the myths that lead to poor M&A outcomes.
  • Determining at the very beginning of negotiations if cultural differences will doom the sale of your firm, using a handy assessment tool
  • Sidestepping the common blunders that derail early-stage acquisition discussions
  • Achieving alignment when not every equity partner is on board with the proposed suitor and discussions are stalled.

Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights into the current M&A landscape, including what’s hot (markets, specialties, and services), why the size of a potential buyer no longer has a bearing on whether or not the transaction will close, and how to create a “persona” of your ideal buyer.

About the Speaker:
Dion Kenney is a senior consultant in PSMJ’s mergers and acquisitions, valuation, and ownership transition practices. His approach is defined by recognizing the value of an organization aside from calculating its physical assets and multiples of revenues/profitability metrics.

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