PSMJ Launches New E-Learning Option for A/E/C Project Managers

PSMJ Launches New E-Learning Option for A/E/C Project Managers

With a basic, vital goal of filling a crucial competency need through online training, PSMJ Resources Inc. launches E-Learning courses for today’s architectural, engineering, and construction project managers.

December 21, 2016 (Newton, MA)—PSMJ Resources, Inc. announces the official launch of six, expert-led online training modules as part of its first e-learning course, Project Leadership. The first course in PSMJ Resources’ Best Practices in A/E Project Management library of interactive and expert-led online learning courses, Project Leadership seeks to help project managers (PMs) effectively deal with the challenges of working within the fast-moving architectural, engineering, and construction environment.

Most A/E/C firms recognize the connection between PM training and project improvement. According to PSMJ’s A/E Project Management Performance Study, training has a big impact on project outcomes, but also client satisfaction and budget performance when firms require all their PMs engage in formal project management training.

Today, most successful A/E/C firms commit time and money to improving project managers’ core competency. E-learning puts powerful learning opportunities right at project managers’ fingertips. These new courses from PSMJ cover virtually every facet of A/E/C project management, and for each one-hour course, PM’s earn one continuing education credit after passing the ten-question quiz.

A series of six interactive modules on a variety of critical topics for A/E/C project managers, Project Leadership covers the following PM-related topics:

  • Today’s Project Manager
  • Personal Productivity
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Leadership
  • Managing Client Relationships
  • Financial Fundamentals

“We developed our library of interactive, expert-led sessions in response to the specific needs of A/E/C industry firms,” says PSMJ’s Senior Principal Dave Burstein, P.E. Together with on-site training such as PSMJ’s A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp, firms now have the ability to train PMs matching a professional’s need to a platform. “We at PSMJ find that firm-wide training is the best strategy, but not all PMs learn in the same way. Using online and/or on-site sessions allows PMs to learn in an environment that is beneficial to their individual style of learning,” Burstein says.

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