The Ascent of the Tech-Forward AEC Firm and how to become one in 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2022, 1:00-2:00 PM
Presented by Lucas Hayden, Director, A/E/C Strategy, Unanet

Nothing fuels optimism quite like a decade of strong, sustained growth. As good as things have been for firms across AEC since the last recession, on the whole they continue to share a decidedly positive business outlook, despite the well-documented pressures from supply chain disruption to talent shortages to the escalating cost of doing business, all against the backdrop of a lingering pandemic.

There is a compelling storyline emerging amidst these challenges and success that connects a firm’s embrace of technology, to its performance in key areas of the business- and its outlook for the future. Plain and simple, it pays to be a tech-forward firm and in this session Unanet’s Lucas Hayden, Director of AEC Strategy will breakdown what the latest research is telling us about the performance of tech-forward firms and what it takes to become one in 2023.

• What it means to be tech-forward in AEC
• The link between technology and profitability
• KPI’s impacted by tech-forward vs tech-static
• Four ways to move the technology dial at your AEC firm

About Your Speaker:
Lucas Hayden
Director, A/E/C Strategy

Lucas Hayden leads A/E/C Strategy for Unanet products. Unanet is built to help A/E/C firms do business better and Lucas, with a background in development, data, analytics and client services, works to provide solutions that help firms solve problems, innovate, and refine their business processes.