PSMJ Team Member William Hinsely

William Hinsley

Consultant | Instructor

"Serve your clients by connecting them with the knowledge, expertise, and ability to get the job done right."
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Expertise: Project Management | Strategic Planning & Growth | Branch Office Optimization | Emerging Leaders Workshop | Proposals Bootcamp


Bill Hinsley brings more than 16 years of experience in the A/E/C industry to PSMJ. Previously serving as a Senior Management Analyst for two governors’ commissions and as the Associate Vice President of renowned international firms ARCADIS and Atkins, Bill has spearheaded projects ranging from $1 million to $11 billion. With PSMJ, Bill has trained thousands of A/E/C professionals across the globe.

With extensive project management experience in the planning, engineering, procurement, and management of large civil works projects, Bill has served as Senior Project Manager, Principal PM, and Principal-in-Charge. As someone who has successfully led projects both as a PM and Principal, Bill intimately knows the challenges of both positions, giving him keen insight into the challenges and rewards of each role. Equipped with a strong passion for project management work—Bill truly believes that project management is where ultimate success is generated—he has become one of PSMJ’s most requested and popular Project Management instructors. Among his accomplishments:

  • Trained more than 5,000 PMs and Principals in Project Management Bootcamps across the globe.
  • Conducted dozens of in-house Bootcamps for A/E firms who desire more customization and specialization in their training.
  • Skilled in developing the perfect PM training model for each individual client—from two-day Bootcamps to 4-hr. training sessions and 1-hr. webinars.

Strategic Planning

With more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, Bill has worked with two governors’ commissions, successfully formulating and implementing policy development at the state and local levels, and two A/E/C firms, ARCARDIS and Atkins, where he led both their internal and external strategic planning. Among his accomplishments:

  • Planning and implementing strategic planning for A/E firms to assist in internal and/or external transitions.
  • Post-M&A strategic planning to positively integrate employees into acquiring firms’ cultures.
  • Working with repeat and new clients on entering new geographic markets and business lines.
  • Consulting with A/E firms on creating new business lines.

Branch Office Optimization

Having opened his own branch office—and experiencing both the thrill and terror of being employee #1 in a new state–Bill knows what’s required to make a successful transition to a new market or geographical area. But he’s not only been in your shoes—he’s also been in your boss’s. His service as a Market Sector Manager/Client Development lead for ARCADIS’ Water Management gives Bill unique insight into the particular challenges of opening a branch office, from both sides of the desk. Among his accomplishments:

  • Skilled in making go/no-go decisions in determining the future success of a branch office.
  • Experienced in the coordination and direct opening of multiple regional branch offices.
  • Well-versed in M&A of branch offices.

Emerging Leaders

At the age of 29, Bill opened an office on his own and deftly and quickly won more than $200 million worth of work. Having experienced what it was like to be an emerging leader himself, Bill was the perfect person to co-develop PSMJ’s Emerging Leaders program (with Bill Sorrentino and Dave Burstein). Among his accomplishments:

  • Chosen by PSMJ’s own Frank Stasiowski, FAIA, to be on Atkins’ “Business Vision and Growth Committee”—and was the youngest member of the committee.
  • From that committee, Bill made huge strides at Atkins, eventually serving as its Associate Vice President.
  • Delivered successful Emerging Leaders in-house programs to help PMs take the next step to become Principal.
  • Equipped with the professional experience of being an emerging leader himself—with knowledge both its positive and challenging aspects—and is committed to creating and aiding the revolutionary Project Manager.

Business Development

As a young man, Bill used his extensive skills in business development to single-handedly attract more than $200 million of work in his own branch management office. But his experience doesn’t stop there. As a National Director, Bill also pioneered a successful $30 million business development plan. As part of this multi-million dollar BD strategy, Bill took risks—breaking into new services and attracting new clients—and as the client development lead on the project, the buck (all $30 million of it) proverbially and literally stopped with him. As such, Bill knows the pressures and expectations associated with being a BD expert in today’s A/E firm. Among his accomplishments:

  • Promoted and incorporated a decentralized “inform and empowerment” model in BD that led to marketing success.
  • Instructed hundreds of BD practitioners on how to leverage others’ overall marketing philosophy to borne success in the competitive A/E marketplace.
  • Experienced in using BD as an instrument to break into new services and attract new clients.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology & Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs and Policy. He is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and the American Council of Engineering Companies.