Client Satisfaction Surveys

What’s does it take to turn satisfied clients into increased profits of 25% to 95%?

According to PSMJ’s research, it costs 10 to 15 times more to win a dollar of work from a new client than from an existing one. Also, profit margins from existing clients are significantly higher than from new clients.

So what are the secrets to increasing client retention?

  1. Let your important clients know you really do love them. That means asking for their feedback regularly.
  2. Use regular feedback to identify the little things that bug your clients. Then deal with them before they become big things.
  3. Clearly communicate to your project managers and project teams the importance of client satisfaction. That means giving them regular feedback on what their clients think of them.
  4. Get your satisfied clients to become “brand ambassadors.” That means engaging them to help you cross-sell into other parts of their organization. And helping you when you pursue new clients.

All 4 secrets have one thing in common: you need regular, confidential and independent feedback from your most important clients. To help you do this, PSMJ has formed an exclusive partnership with Client Savvy, the A/E/C industry’s leader in securing independent, highly actionable client feedback through client satisfaction surveys.


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to uncover what your clients love about you (so you can give them more of the same) as well as uncover any problems or challenges that might be just under the surface. The feedback you receive will let you quickly take action (as needed) and quantify excellence for upcoming proposals. Just send us a list of your most important clients to be surveyed. We’ll take it from there. Here is what you get when you sign up.

 Your Firm: 25 or fewer employees 26 or more employees



Number of client surveys included* Up to 50 Up to 100
Executive summary overview Included Included
Up to five standard reports Included Included
Results analysis/consultation via virtual meeting Included Included
Entry in PSMJ’s Premier Award for Client Satisfaction Included Included
Benchmarking against industry peers Included Included
Results identified by client x x
Client contact information import x x
Detailed Report by Market, Region, or Division x
Your Investment:  $900




* Each individual on your list counts as one name. You are encouraged to survey more than one individual from your most important client organizations. 

Need more detailed or unique feedback than described above? Client Savvy in partnership with PSMJ can provide a complete solution customized for you. Call Kristen Norweg at 617-965-0055 or at to learn more.