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Only With Your Help Can PSMJ Share the Most Current, Accurate, and Valuable Benchmark Data

Participation 2022 Opens in January!

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PSMJ Resources’ A/E Benchmark Survey Reports are known as the Gold Standard. And those who lead profitable and growing firms will tell you—firms that benchmark enjoy greater and more sustainable success than their peers who do not measure and compare performance.

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Let’s face it—when you are engaged in strategic planning without benchmarks, you’re just shooting in the dark! What is the first step to becoming a benchmarking firm? Participate in PSMJ’s A/E Benchmark Surveys. Why?

Here are just FIVE great reasons:

  1. Firms that participate value hard data and are more likely to benchmark their performance than the average firm. The most profitable firms in the industry measure themselves against the best performers. The process begins with entering your data into a pool with your peers.
  2. Only with firm participation will there be vital information for the entire industry to realize better performance. Together, you and firms across North America generate current, accurate, and significant benchmarking data for 2022.
  3. For participating, you’ll receive a FREE Benchmark Tool—this is an excel-based, interactive tool embedded with key data directly from the information gathered from contributing firms. Using this tool, you’re a click away from comparing your firm with those of your peers.
  4. Only participants can take 50 percent off the retail price for each of the 2021 Benchmark Surveys that they participate in. The more you participate, the more you save!
  5. And you get the information first—way before anyone else in the industry!

Plus, when you participate, you get an insider look at many of the key metrics we include in the final reports.

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