“There’s nothing like having Bill, nothing like the trust and credibility that comes from the time and effort to produce good training. It was something Woodard & Curran wasn’t able to do on its own.” – Jeff Stearns, Senior Principal, Woodard & Curran

The Story

Founded in 1979, Woodard & Curran is an integrated engineering, science, and operations company. The company, initially driven by the Clean Water Act requirements, focuses on sustainable design and resiliency.

Integrated design-build specialists collaborate with engineers for a streamlined approach to focus on schedule, execution, communication, and control over quality and cost. Services range from water to manufacturing to serve public and private clients. Privately held and steadily growing across 14 states, Woodard & Curran has 28 offices.


The Challenge

Project Management Training: Senior Principal Jeff Stearns wanted the company’s staff trained in project management according to their proprietary manuals, tools, and values.

Occupied Managers: Woodard & Curran needed customized support, but leading members were preoccupied with other projects.

The Solution

Jeff trusted that Bill Hinsley, AECPM and PSMJ could procure the firm’s vision in the process. Bill, the former Associate Vice President of renowned international firms ARCADIS and Atkins, is one of PSMJ’s most popular consultants.

He is experienced in the coordination and direct opening of multiple regional offices, the M&A of branch offices, and determining the future success of a branch office. He has spearheaded $1 million to $11 billion projects.

Bill has trained more than 5,000 Project Managers and Principals in Project Management Bootcamps across the glove, conducted dozens of in-house bootcamps for A/E/C firms that desire more customization and specialization in their training, and developed tailored Project Management training models for each client from two-day bootcamps to four-hour training sessions and one-hour webinars.

Bill collected broad ranges of data from the company’s finances, clients, and staff to inform the content and focus of the training.

Over the course of a year, Bill led three sessions at their office, each of which were two days.

Collaborating with Jeff, Bill developed three manuals for Woodard & Curran.

For a year after the initial training, Bill provided ongoing support to all who attended to make sure they reached their goals.

The Outcome

Cost-Effectiveness: They outsourced the work on new materials and produced new training content, which gave upper-levels more time to spend on projects.

Empowered Staff: Jeff notes that the staff appreciated the unionized approach of the training, where they were able to network with colleagues from different offices.  The training was informative, and with Bill’s charismatic and personal approach, it was relatable and enjoyable. Plus, the free dinner didn’t hurt.