Project and Financial KPIs for A/E/C Firms

Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 1:30-2:30 PM ET
Presented by Pat Chase, BRAYN Consulting, Enterprise Solutions

Every firm has the ability to measure where they have been, where they are and then make plans for where they want to be.  Using KPI measurements for your firm should be a part of your firm’s monthly, quarterly, and yearly review.

We will discuss what KPI’s are, why use KPI’s and review eight KPI measurements in detail, to give you some ideas on what may work for your firm and comparison to other firms to track your progress.  Come away with one or two possibilities to give you additional insight into how you are can follow your firm’s growth.

Learning Objectives: 

    1. What is a KPI?
    2. Review of eight financial KPI calculations
    3. How to calculate KPI’s for your firm
    4. Comparison to industry standards


About the presenter: 

Pat Chase joined BRAYN Consulting in January 2021 as Enterprise Solutions Manager. Pat was Controller for a 250-person Civil Engineering firm in Oregon for the past three years. By improving business practices, Pat incorporated improved Project Management processes such as Project Backlog reporting for insight into the future and improved billing cycles by decreasing the cycle by 14 days.

Pat has over 21 years’ experience working with A/E clients with Axium/Deltek as a Principal Enterprise Consulting Architect, guiding clients through the implementation/conversion process to ongoing Project Management consulting to Business Practice improvement. Pat led a team of Professional Service Consultants, providing support, education, and improved practices, enabling clients to become more aware of their business needs and make the work easier and more efficient.

Pat’s experience will allow BRAYN to provide a high level of Enterprise Solutions to our clients to introduce additional business solutions from internal reporting to Project Management. Pat attended the University of Arizona and graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BSBM/BA. She is an avid Arizona Wildcat, enjoys visiting the fantastic wineries in the Willamette Valley, and enjoys travel anywhere – as long as there is great music, food, and friends.