Selling Your A/E/C Firm

Selling Your A/E/C Firm: Smart Strategies from Concept to Closing

Ready to sell your A/E/C Firm? Don't make a million-dollar mistake! This online master class delivers proven strategies to win at every stage of a firm sale and drive the BEST POSSIBLE DEAL for you AND your employees. Learn how to assess your valuation, develop a list of potential buyers, position your firm in the best possible light, weed out poor offers, avoid expensive transaction roadblocks, and so much more. All from the convenience and confidentiality of your home or office. PART 1: Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Register NOW!

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A/E/C Pricing & Contract Negotiations That WORK

Will 2020 be the year your firm makes more money by avoiding unprofitable clients and getting paid fairly? It’s time to find and fix problems in your approach to pricing, subconsultant pressure, business development, unpaid scope creep, unfair contract terms, negotiating, and more.
Get the upper hand in negotiations, command the fees and respect you deserve – all while keeping clients delighted with your firm. This power-packed online master class combines PSMJ’s legendary A/E practice knowledge built over 40 years with the latest strategies driving superior results at firms just like yours. Stop settling for lower financial performance than your firm is capable of delivering.  Learn, from real-world case studies, how A/E/C firms exactly like yours are winning the pricing and contract negotiation battles -- and crushing their revenue goals.

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A/E/C Business Planning For 2020

Will 2020 be your firm's most profitable year ever, or a missed opportunity to set and achieve audacious goals?
One thing you can take to the bank: without a rock-solid business plan, you'll reap more regrets than rewards. Don't risk it. Register now for A/E/C Business Planning for 2020, the only interactive online business-plan design program created specifically for A/E/C firm CEOs, CFOs, principals, directors, business managers and branch office managers. From the convenience and comfort of your office, you get step-by-step, field-tested, and proven instructions for crafting a plan that sets performance targets across all functional areas, tracks key metrics, fine-tunes operations, and delivers maximum returns. Don't just HOPE for the best -- make it happen with a business plan built on guidance from PSMJ's industry-leading management experts.

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Winning Compensation Strategies

Winning A/E/C Compensation Strategies

Employee and executive comp is your largest expense category. Could a minor adjustment deliver eye-popping returns?
Take control of your firm's compensation structure using practical takeaways and exclusive A/E/C pay data packed into each module in this interactive online master class. Created specifically for A/E/C decision makers and using the very latest metrics, Winning A/E/C Compensation Strategies shows you how to make smart and sustainable market-specific decisions about base pay and incentives that align with your firm's workforce, budgets, growth plans, and culture. You get proven strategies to attract the best talent and inspire high performance, all while maintaining the profit margins you need to succeed.

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