Be a Change Consultant for Public Agencies – Forging Relationships with State and Municipal Agencies

Winning work in the private sector follows a relatively simple process. But public sector business success is more complex. Mary Prescott shares ideas and strategies from creating potential opportunities with public agencies to the role of the public project manager.

She covers PM traits clients like, data that sheds light on how to interact with public clients, and more. In this podcast, you will learn how to:

  • Focus on areas to create opportunities
  • Approach a government agency to assist in a change or crisis
  • Avoid the top 3 mistakes consultants make
  • Assist governments during a disruption

About the Presenter:
Mary Prescott has 39 years of experience leading and managing programs, projects and governmental organizational change efforts.  She is a PSMJ Project Delivery Excellence instructor.  She drives projects at the City of Saint Paul and during a long career with the Minnesota Department of Transportation has assisted new administrations with implementing their vision, mission and objectives.