The LIVE ONLINE architecture and engineering career-launch training program guaranteed to help your newest employees master their role and achieve their highest potential... faster!


If you're filling positions at your AEC firm with entry-level employees, you're probably surprised by what they don't know about our industry, your business, and how to operate in a professional setting. Close that knowledge gap, and accelerate their career growth, when you register your newest team members for PSMJ's The Pathway to AEC Professional Success live online onboarding program.

Too often, architecture and engineering firms slow new-hire return on investment because of an onboarding process that fails to teach 3 critical lessons:

  • How to perform in a professional setting 
  • How the firm turns a profit
  • How to add value and accelerate career growth

That means they can go years before they fully understand your AEC business model, how they can contribute to strategic goals, and how to really work productively with others.

What if you could get new talent up to speed faster and accelerate your return on investment, all while improving retention of your most valuable assets?

PSMJ Resources' The Pathway to AEC Professional Success training program uses decades of AEC business education experience – including teaching thousands of Project Managers and first-hand insight into what the most profitable firms do to maximize ROI in their entry-level talent – to get your firm’s newest and least-experienced employees more engaged, more productive, and more dialed-in to how they can increase their professional value. 

This fast-paced, action-oriented LIVE ONLINE course, ensures that your hires learn:

  • The math behind how your AEC firm operates and makes money.
  • The KEY role entry-level employees play in client satisfaction and winning new work.
  • Communication tips and tricks to avoid huge liabilities and angry clients.
  • What Project Managers need from new hires, and how to exceed expectations
  • The project lifecycle (from proposal to closeout) and everyone’s role in it.
  • How to add the most value and make the best decisions when on the receiving end of task delegation.
  • Critical problem-solving skills that demonstrate true task ownership and initiative.
  • Plus much more!

This course is for anyone with less than five years of professional experience in an architecture or engineering firm…from Engineers to Architects to Scientists to Marketing Coordinators to anyone you want to add more value! 

Time-Sensitive Training that Accelerates Your New-Hire ROI

You're under pressure to get new hires ramped up and adding value, quickly. That's why we packed The Pathway to AEC Professional Success with dozens of easily-understood, immediately-practical lessons that even your most junior employees can grasp and apply right away. This onboarding program includes:

  • Training conducted by an AEC talent expert, incorporating proven culture, process, and priorities lessons, exercises, and examples.
  • Up to two hours of one-on-one phone and email support for up to 12 months (a $500 value), 
  • PLUS you get PSMJ’s best-in-class implementation tools, calculators, and checklists.

In today’s hyper-competitive labor market, registering your new hires for The Pathway to AEC Professional Success is an easy way to show them you are serious about their career development right from the start. It also yields an ROI many times over, through more cohesive project teams, happier clients, and clarity on your future leader pipeline.

"This program provides a good base on how firms operate and explains how to manage some of the harder interactions you might need to have. Honestly, I am not sure there was a part of this program I didn't learn something from. Thank you for an awesome training that will help me now and throughout my career. I have already recommended to our Senior VP that new hires take this after 90 days with our company to help better understand their role and things they can do to succeed in this job."

Wyatt Briggs, Staff Civil Designer, Souder, Miller, & Associates

  • "How does our firm find, complete, and get paid for projects?"
  • "Where can I add value for our firm beyond what is in my job description?"
  • "What are the best ways to communicate with others inside and outside the firm?"
  • "Why is it so important for me to complete my timesheet in a timely manner?"
  • "Why are billing rates so much higher than my salary?"

Before they can make a positive contribution to your firm's success, the newest members of your workforce MUST know how to answer key questions:

The Pathway to AEC Professional Success arms them with answers to these and dozens more, accelerating their path to profitability and launching their career with your firm on the right foot. It's smart new-hire orientation for growth-focused AEC firms!

A Curated AEC Specific Agenda + Your Newest Employees = Immediate Improvement in Payroll ROI

The Pathway to AEC Professional Success features nine carefully-designed training modules that take your newest hires from blank stares and confusion to eager and productive contributors, empowering them with essential fundamental knowledge of how your business makes money and how to work in a professional setting. All of which leaves your overworked PMs more time to execute projects, delegate with confidence, and keep clients happy. 

Let's Get Started!

  • Why you are here today
  • What to expect from this seminar
  • How to create your AEC Professional Success Implementation Plan

The Basics of How This Firm Operates

  • How an AEC firm is very different from other industries
  • Different ways our firm completes work and manages risk
  • A quick AEC industry terms primer

How What You'll Be Doing Helps Us Get MORE Great Projects

  • Where backlog comes from, and how you can help build it
  • How marketing, sales, and project management relate to winning new projects
  • How to identify new opportunities by listening for key phrases in client interactions

How We Work TOGETHER to Keep Our Clients Happy

  • Defining your role and how to adopt a high-performance mindset
  • How to be a valuable "doer" for your firm and your Project Manager
  • The most effective ways to communicate with clients and colleagues

Why YOU Are the Key to Our Firm's Project Successes

  • Why timesheet discipline is so critical 
  • What you can and can’t charge to a project
  • Why billing rates and salary rates are so different

Take Ownership of Your Career!

  • What typical career paths look like in the AEC industry
  • Fast-tracking technical skills to grow into project management
  • How to align your strengths with the right role
  • How to leverage and develop your strengths

Communication is Key So Let's Learn How to Talk About ANYTHING

  • Communication tactics of the most successful AEC professionals
  • When to use email, phone, text, and in-person communication
  • How to deliver bad news or deal with mistakes

Personal Productivity and Time Management

  • How to take ownership of your career and “wow” stakeholders
  • How to manage your time and productivity
  • How to be the taskmaster every Project Manager wants on their team
  • The Delegation Loop: How to receive task assignments, plan and execute, and report back to your Project Manager.

Implementing What You've Learned

  • Identify what you can do immediately
  • Habits for long-term growth and success
  • How to continue to improve your leadership and management skills


Pathway participants don't graduate until they successfully try out their new career growth and communication skills through three carefully designed face-to-face assignments:

  • Engage a firm principal to uncover mutual interests
  • Explain to your BD leaders how to build new business through client interactions
  • Break down the AEC revenue cycle in a presentation to their PM

It's a great way to build confidence, strengthen their communication toolbox, and tie all the pieces together!

YOUR TEAM'S COACH: An AEC Executive, Teacher, and Rainmaker Eager to Share Proven Success Secrets for New Professionals

Showing your new hires The Pathway to AEC Professional Success is PSMJ Resources instructor and consultant Bill Hinsley. Bill has trained more than 9,000 PMs and Principals in Project Management Bootcamps across the globe, conducted dozens of in-house classes for AEC firms, and developed tailored training models for each client. Through it all, he's listened carefully as hundreds of AEC executives, in private and candid conversations, explain their frustration with the lack of core knowledge even their most desirable new hires and recent grads bring to the job. These revelations, combined with his 30+ years in the industry, are the foundation of our program. 

Bill served as Associate Vice President of renowned international firms ARCADIS and Atkins where he spearheaded $1 million to $11 billion projects. With extensive project management experience in the planning, engineering, procurement, and management of large civil works projects, Bill has served as Senior Project Manager, Principal PM, and Principal-in-Charge. He has succeeded in business development, leadership training, branch office optimization, and strategic planning and growth. He is experienced in the coordination and direct opening of multiple regional offices, the M&A of branch offices, and decision-making in determining the future success of a branch office. Bill had the unique experience of opening a branch office on his own at just 29 years old where he attracted more than $200 million of work. 

"The most valuable part of the program was getting an overview of the operational  goals and problems that our firm is trying to solve, as it also provides the service of solving technical problems… I think it would be good to reach this to new PD employees sooner in their career."

Justin Groff, Project Manager

"Thank you for the insight into the business side of the company. I think it is an important stepping stone into the project management side as it gave a lot of information on the financial aspects, the corporate structure, and tips on communication."

Chris Nennig,

Project Engineer

"This seminar was great! I didn't know what to expect, but it was excellent info to help me advance my career and is a great way for growing professionals here to see the next steps in their careers."

John Escalante, 
Surveyor in Training

"Great for our younger engineers to get a sense of the business."

Caleb Chance, VP

Our Promise to You

GUARANTEE: This training program is focused on helping your firm become even more profitable by explaining business processes and practices new hires MUST understand and apply. We’re so confident this course WILL help you – as it has of other AEC firms-- that if the skills and tools your employees acquire don’t have a positive impact on that goal, we will refund your fee or arrange for them to attend another PSMJ program at no cost. You take no risk!

Continuing Education Credit

The Pathway to AEC Professional Success is AIA CES-registered to provide this content. This training program earns you up to 7.5 LU Hours, CEUs, or PDHs. Not all state and licensing boards accept these programs for learning units.
For more information, please contact our education team at (617) 965-0055 or

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