Your enrollment includes PROVEN AND POWERFUL BONUS TOOLS for implementing everything you learn and becoming an even more effective Principal - faster!

Ongoing Career-Boosting Support: Up to two hours of one-on-one email and phone support with your course instructors, for a FULL YEAR after your classes conclude (a $1,000 value)

A/E/C Principals Bootcamp Digital Toolbox: You get exclusive online access to this suite of management information and decision-making resources that multiply the value of what you learn ($2000 Value):


• A simple but effective annual business plan template you can complete
 in less than 2 hours

• New hire cash flow impact calculator

• PSMJ’s best-selling research report: “Best Practices for Strategic Planning in A/E Firms”

• PSMJ’s checklist for successful strategic planning including preparation, the retreat, and follow-up


• PSMJ’s 3-D model of the A/E marketplace

• Video: Why client feedback is essential – especially when it’s negative

• PSMJ’s most recent “Quarterly Market Forecast” on the 55 largest A/E market sectors (a $297 value)

• Video: What kinds of clients are NOT worthy of your marketing/proposal investments

• The latest PSMJ survey data on the relative profitability of various A/E markets

• Spreadsheet format to define which clients are “Strategic,” which are “Quality” and which are “Base”

• PSMJ’s proprietary Go/No Go app for deciding which projects to pursue
and increasing the odds of winning those you do pursue


• Excel template: Your firm’s organizational report card

• Spreadsheet of pros & cons of alternative organizational structures

• The best position descriptions we’ve seen for CEO and COO

• Format for an effective Authority Matrix

• Format for objectively determining the level of cooperation for each business unit

• Survey: Which of the 13 most important project management tactics do your PMs do?

• Diagram: The best (and simplest) method we’ve ever seen for evaluating PM performance

• 1-year license for PlanTrax, PSMJ’s easy-to-use Excel-based method of controlling budgets and schedules (a $297 value)

• Checklist: The 10 things you must know about your PMs’ projects

• Checklist: Ground rules for conducting effective project review

• Excel Spreadsheet: How many PMs does your firm need?


• PSMJ’s latest data on the 3 factors that drive profitability

• Worksheet to identify your firm’s Intellectual Property and develop a strategy to take advantage of it

• PSMJ’s latest pricing data for the 9 largest A/E markets

• Excel template: PSMJ’s pricing model to optimize your profits in each major market that you serve

• Spreadsheet: How your firm stacks up on the 13 most important financial metrics


• Excel template: PSMJ’s model for managing utilization proactively (instead of reactively the way most firms try to do it)

• PSMJ’s most recent data on employee turnover in the A/E industry

• The most recent data on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on employment and wages in the A/E industry

• PSMJ’s latest data that allows you to benchmark the effectiveness of your firm’s bonus program

• PSMJ’s latest data comparing H.R. policies of the most profitable vs. least profitable A/E firms

• Video: the difference between a “reward bonus program” vs. an “incentive bonus program”

• Video: How Burns & McDonnell (a perennial “Fortune 100 Best Places to Work” award winner) successfully recruits Millennials


• How to craft the worst possible ownership prospectus (i.e., how NOT to do it)

• Sample of a Share Appreciation Rights agreement

• Checklist of 73 terms that must be considered in your buy-sell agreement

• Excel spreadsheet to calculate the financial improvement your firm will achieve when you implement your Top 3 ideas and compute your firm’s return on investment from your attendance at this program

• The A/E/C Principals Bootcamp Workbook
Loaded with all the slides used in your training sessions (a $197 value)

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