In-House Training

Ready for employee improvement at an enterprise level, but lack the time and resources to train a trainer?
Let PSMJ help with that.

A 2019 workforce survey conducted by payroll administrator Paychex revealed that while 96% of respondents would stay with an organization offering professional development opportunities, only 44% think their employer provides enough options to learn and grow. That means there’s a better than even chance your A/E/C firm’s most important contributors fall into the Dissatisfaction Gap, and are vulnerable to recruiting by competitive firms that make training a priority.

Retain your most important contributors while helping them build valuable skill sets

PSMJ’s In-House Training Programs deliver a high-impact custom learning experience tailored to your A/E/C firm’s most pressing needs. For each session, seasoned experts with deep A/E/C industry knowledge identify skill deficits, incorporate your business objectives and unique challenges, then create and conduct a turnkey training program that improves the performance, enthusiasm, and engagement of your entire team.

on-site training

PSMJ In-House Training Programs include:

  • Pre-program analysis and benchmarking
  • A full two-day intensive, interactive, and participative seminar
  • Emphasis on and/or tailoring of specific subject modules
  • Private, proprietary discussions and a unique firm focused experience
  • Post-program assistance with implementation
I think it was very valuable and we will be able to leverage the strategies to deliver improved services and increase our profits

Alfonso Salgado, SAA | Human Resources Manager

I have been manager for 25+ years and this was the best PM course I have had. You always can learn more.

Kevin Wales, Goodwyn Mills Cawood, Inc. | Vice President

Overall best seminar I've ever attended. Gave key insight to improvements and confirmation to what aspects I’m already doing.

Matthew K. Thomason, GMC | Airport Planner

This was a great learning opportunity to not only access my own professional growth, but to view others on my team while seeing how to promote their development.

Edward Kim, KTGY Inc. | PM, Design

I recommend this training to many more people @ Reclamation. Definitely worth my very limited time.

Steve Dundert, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation | Environmental Engineer

Our instructors and speakers are successful leaders in the A/E/C industry, so you can count on reliable, real-world training from experienced professionals who have been in your shoes.

Our most popular topics for In-House training include:

on-site training  

A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp


on-site training  

A/E/C Principals Bootcamp


on-site training  

A/E/C Proposals Bootcamp


on-site training  

A/E/C Pricing and Contract Negotiations Workshop


on-site training  

A/E/C Leadership Bootcamp


on-site training  

Financial Management for A/E/C Firm Leaders


on-site training  

PM2 | Mastering A/E/C Project Management


on-site training  

Project Delivery Excellence for Public Agencies


on-site training  

A/E/C Business Development Bootcamp





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Client Success Stories

Client Success

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