In just two days in a business meeting facility (IN-PERSON OPTION) or over six virtual sessions of two hours each, (LIVE ONLINE OPTION), A/E/C Principals Bootcamp covers everything you need to advance your career and your organization.... GUARANTEED!

MOVE FROM TACTICAL TO STRATEGIC THINKING:"Big Picture" Traits of the Most Successful A/E/C Principals


You know better than to neglect everything but what’s right in front of you. But do you know how the most effective A/E/C principals' approach big-picture business strategy design, execution, and measurement? Reboot your thinking with a high-level look at the very best practices.

  • What’s the best strategy for your niche services, your commodity services, or if you provide both?
  • 7 hurdles to achieving sustainable growth.
  • How to manage rapid growth's huge cash demands
  • Pros and cons of expanding into new markets
  • How to prioritize, plan and monitor strategic expansions.
  • Why most firms’ strategic plans are a waste of time, and how to make yours different
  • Developing an action-oriented strategic plan that doesn’t gather dust.


  • Business Plan Template: A simple but effective annual plan you can complete in less than 2 hours
  • New Hire Cash Flow Template: How to estimate the cash flow impact of hiring new talent
  • PSMJ’s best-selling research report: “Best Practices for Strategic Planning in A/E Firms,” (a $297 value)
  • PSMJ’s checklist for successful strategic planning (including preparation, the retreat, and follow-up)

Ready to flip the BD script and get more bang for the buck? Learn how to laser focus your firm’s efforts on the most profitable work and keep your backlog full.

  • Which markets currently offer high profitability? 
  • Ways to get testimonials from 100 of your most important clients.
  • Pre-qualify good clients and cull out the bad ones.
  • Deal gracefully with bad clients 
  • Submit fewer proposals and get more work
  • Turn Project Managers and clients into marketers 
  • Cross-selling and up-selling to your best clients.


  • PSMJ’s 3-D model of the A/E marketplace
  • PSMJ’s most recent A/E Quarterly Market Forecast on the 55 largest market sectors (a $297 value)
  • Video: What kinds of clients are NOT worthy of your marketing/proposal investments
  • The latest PSMJ survey data on the relative profitability of various A/E markets
  • Assessment tool to define which clients are “Strategic,” which are “Quality” and which are “Base”
  • PSMJ’s proprietary Go/No Go app for deciding which projects to pursue and increase the odds of winning those you do pursue

DESIGNING A STRUCTURE FOR YOUR SUCCESS Rethink Your Firm's Org Chart and Put the Right People in the Right Roles


How can you develop new revenue streams? What are the ”vampire-costs” that silently suck the financial lifeblood from A/E/C firms? Just a few tweaks to your management practices can yield startling returns.

  • Why obsessing about chargeability won’t boost profits
  • 2 factors that combine to drive your firm’s profitability.
  • How A/E firms use Intellectual Property to consistently achieve a Direct Labor Multiplier of over 5.0
  • Case studies of how A/E firms use Value Pricing to boost profitability
  • How to set the optimum price for each of your major markets
  • 9 ways to increase your pricing (and get away with it)
  • What is “Net Revenue Deficit” and why is it so important to achieving high profitability
  • How your firm’s financial performance compares with similar firms and top performing firms


  • PSMJ’s latest data on the 3 factors that drive profitability
  • Worksheet to identify your firm’s Intellectual Property and develop a strategy to take advantage of it
  • PSMJ’s latest pricing data for the 9 largest A/E markets
  • Pricing model tool to optimize profits in each major market you serve
  • How your firm ranks on the 13 most important financial metrics

Reviewing and redrawing your org chart’s layers and branches can yield stunning ROI and position your firm for growth. So where do you start, and how do you know when you have it right?

  • How a “market-based organizational structure” can be beneficial for your firm
  • How to move to a new organizational structure without drama and trauma
  • How to get offices to work together 
  • Why profit centers are passé, and what’s a better way to organize.
  • How to get real value from your Board of Directors.
  • 13 project management tactics employed by the most successful A/E firms
  • How to objectively evaluate the PM performance 
  • 4 steps that turn your PMs into superstars
  • Why the Estimate-to-Complete method for controlling budgets won’t work for many PMs
  • How to stay on top of projects without micromanaging
  • Assuring that you have enough PMs for your current and future workload


  • Organizational report card calculator
  • Org Options Pros & Cons Analysis Tool
  • Format for an effective Authority Matrix
  • Business unit cooperation assessment tool
  • The best method for evaluating PM performance
  • 1-year license for PlanTrax, PSMJ’s tools for controlling budgets and schedules (a $297 value)
  • 10 things you must know about PMs’ projects
  • Ground rules for conducting effective project review
  • PM headcount calculator tool

MAXIMIZING TEAM VALUE AND PRODUCTIVITY: Hang onto Top Performers, Develop Them to Full Capability, and Recruit More Like Them

OWNERSHIP & LEADERSHIP TRANSITION: Preparing For, and Managing Through, Inevitable Change

From mergers to acquisitions to internal ownership transfers, how a firm changes hands will have a profound effect on principals. In this session, get answers to your critical questions about the process.

  • Why so many ownership transitions fail and why others succeed
  • What to do when an employee says, “I want become an owner”
  • Why ownership is different from leadership
  • The 3 parties to every ownership transition – and which one must always take priority
  • The built-in conflicts of interest between current owners and new owners – and how to overcome them
  • 3 keys to successful first-generation ownership transitions.
  • Why your valuation model must sync with your strategic growth goal
  • Firm valuation strategies that stand up to scrutiny
  • PSMJ’s proven 6-step ownership transition process that works for both buyers and sellers.
  • How to use Share Appreciation Rights to start making younger employees feel like owners
  • The 3 magic words that will make rising stars eager to buy stock in your firm.
  • The best ways to finance your ownership transition
  • What to do about your ideas for firm-wide improvement
  • Recognizing – and overcoming – the 3 major barriers to achieving organizational change


  • The worst ownership prospectus we’ve ever seen, so you see how NOT to do it
  • Sample of a Share Appreciation Rights agreement
  • 73 terms you must consider in your buy-sell agreement
  • Top 3 Ideas Financial Improvement Impact Calculator

Attention to staffing levels and skillset inventory is important, but a truly effective principal knows how to leverage team member strengths and work around weaknesses. Learn how the top 1% of principals balance workload/resources, attract and retain the most productive contributors, move employees from an entitlement to a “intrapreneurial” culture, and apply proven secrets for motivating key employees.

  • Smart compensation strategies for not overpaying or underpaying your staff
  • How to use the “Wage Index” to set salaries, not area-based cost of living. 
  • 4 factors that affect how management positions, from PM to CEO, should be compensated
  • How to employ flexible working arrangements to attract new talent, hang onto your current staff and cut overhead costs
  • Developing a bonus program that works for your firm
  • HR policies of the most profitable A/E firms
  • Recruiting the best and brightest new grads
  • Recruiting Millennials that will fit into your culture.
  • How to find mid-level and senior-level professionals
  • How to recruit great talent in a virtual hiring environment
  • How to make sure candidates accept your job offers


  • PSMJ’s model for managing utilization proactively (instead of reactively)
  • PSMJ’s most recent data on A/E employee turnover
  • The most recent data on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on employment and wages
  • Data to benchmark the effectiveness of your firm’s bonus program
  • PSMJ’s latest data comparing HR policies of the most profitable vs. least profitable A/E firms
  • The difference between a “reward bonus program” vs. an “incentive bonus program”
  • Video: How Burns & McDonnell (a perennial “Fortune 100 Best Places to Work”) recruits Millennials

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