PSMJ Team Member Bradford Wilson

Bradford Wilson, CMA

Senior Consultant | Instructor

"Successful acquisitions happen when both sides ask the hard questions and start thinking about post-transaction life long before the closing."
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Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions | Ownership & Leadership Transition


Brad joined PSMJ as a consultant in 2002 as one of the senior M&A consultants. Since that time, Brad has facilitated both the purchase and sale of A/E/C firms of all types and sizes. Brad’s hands-on assistance with valuation and deal structuring has allowed many PSMJ clients to achieve their strategic growth goals or their ownership transition through a merger or acquisition. His broad-based knowledge of design firms’ cultures and operations has also been invaluable in integration planning and execution resulting in the achievement of financial goals for buyers and sellers.

In addition to his consulting work, Brad regularly facilitates PSMJ’s Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable as well as our Ownership & Leadership Transition Roundtable. He is also a frequent speaker at other PSMJ and industry events and an author of numerous books and articles on the topics of M&A, succession planning, and valuation.

Brad’s real-world experience comes from over 10 years as one of four shareholders and Chief Financial Officer of a 70-person design-build architectural firm and five years as the corporate controller of a 250-person multi-office A/E firm that was acquired in the early 1990’s. Brad also worked in public accounting with a large regional accounting firm providing management consulting and software implementation services to the A/E industry.

Brad has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ohio State University and a combined MBA/Law degree from Capital University. He is a Certified Management Accountant and maintains his certification by completing over 80 hours of continuing education in finance, management and economics courses each year.