In-House Training

Ready for improvement and change at an enterprise level? We can help with that.

PSMJ’s In-House training programs are a high-impact learning experience tailored to your specific firm or organization that consistently rank as the best in the industry. In each session, our instructors work with you to identify the problems you face, address your business objectives and goals, and create an agenda that improves the skills and expertise of your entire team.

on-site training

Our In-House training programs include:

  • Pre-program analysis and benchmarking
  • A full two-day intensive, interactive, and participative seminar
  • Emphasis on and/or tailoring of specific subject modules
  • Private, proprietary discussions and a unique firm focused experience
  • Post-program assistance with implementation




Our instructors and speakers have proven their success in the A/E/C industry, so you can count on reliable, real-world training from experienced professionals who have been in your shoes and who speak your language.  Some of our most popular topics for on-site training include:

  • Project Management (Introductory and Advanced)
  • Business Development and Proposals Workshops
  • Principals Bootcamp
  • Emerging Leaders Workshop
  • Project Delivery Excellence for Public Works
  • And much more

Learn how breakthrough improvement in your organization may be closer than you think.

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