COMPLETE SET: Winning A/E/C Compensation Strategies

Employee and executive comp is your largest expense category. Could a minor adjustment deliver eye-popping returns?

Stop flying blind when faced with a raise request, a pay demand, or a bonus challenge. Take control of your firm’s compensation structure using practical takeaways and exclusive A/E/C pay data packed into each module in this interactive e-learning program. You learn how to apply rock-solid market intelligence to develop a compensation plan that rewards key staff, retains top talent, and inspires performance improvement. Created specifically for A/E/C decision makers and using the very latest metrics, Winning A/E/C Compensation Strategies shows you how to make smart and sustainable market-specific decisions about base pay and incentives that align with your firm’s workforce, budgets, growth plans, and culture.

With this interactive e-learning program, you get:

  • 5 hours of interactive online training, conducted by A/E/C compensation expert David Burstein, that incorporates YOUR FIRM’S COMPENSATION DATA
  • Two Excel-based compensation benchmarking tools loaded with PSMJ’s latest compensation survey data (a $798 value)

Winning A/E/C Compensation Strategies consists of five courses, each with a final exam—qualifying you for a total of five hours of continuing education credits.

  • SESSION 1: The Big Picture: Current A/E/C Compensation Challenges—and Where Opportunities Lie
  • SESSION 2: Paying Non-Exempt Staff: Reduce Turnover and Disruptions with a Savvy Structure
  • SESSION 3: Base Salaries for Exempt Technical and Design Staff: Win the War for Highly Trained Professionals
  • SESSION 4: Base Salaries for Managers: Make Sure Executive Comp Justifies the Expense!
  • SESSION 5: Incentive Compensation: Supercharge Your Bonus Plan Effectiveness