A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite


PSMJ's A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite, the industry's most trusted source for peer-firm pay, benefits, and incentives intelligence, delivers the data you need to:

  • Confidently respond to an employee's raise request
  • Address demands for greater pay equity and transparency
  • Keep your most valuable people fully engaged, motivated, and productive.
  • Make management decisions that align with your financial performance goals

Using A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite, you incorporate PSMJ's industry-leading architecture and engineering firm pay and benefits data into your most critical business decisions:

Staff Compensation

Management Compensation

Critical metrics

"I can instantly see how our staff salaries compare to peer A/E firms, so we stay competitive without overpaying."

"Setting A/E executive comp and bonuses is tricky. With the inflation adjustment tool, I know where to make smart tweaks."

"I can see what peer firms are paying out in bonuses and benefits, compare our billing rates, and get 14 other key metrics."

What Successful A/E Firms do with PSMJ's Best-in-Class Compensation Benchmarking Data

Attract and retain the A/E firm leaders, managers, and technical staff essential to hitting financial performance and growth targets

Inspire and reward the most talented employees with the perfect mix of pay and benefits, without busting budgets

Handle tough conversations with the confidence that comes with having the latest and most accurate benchmarking data

A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite delivers the industry's most comprehensive and accurate data set:




Tables revealing comp, benefits, billing rates, and more

A/E firm survey respondents

A/E firm positions benchmarked

You can't secure top A/E talent, at a fair price, without knowing what your competitors are paying.

That's why A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite takes gigabytes of annual survey data and packages it exactly how you need it. All so you can make your most confident and competitive offers, for both current and future staff and management positions. See the hundreds of data points we collect to provide the complete A/E compensation picture:

Staff and Management Compensation Comparison Metrics For Every Position, Updated Annually and Adjusted for Inflation Quarterly

A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite provides you with staff and management compensation data, broken down by discipline and years of experience from entry level to 20+ years, for more than 90 different A/E firm positions, including:

  • Board Members
  • COO/Executive Vice President
  • CFO/Director of Finance
  • CMO/Marketing Director
  • Director of Sales/Business Development
  • Senior Principal
  • Project Manager and Senior Project Manager
  • Controller
  • CAO/Business Manager
  • BIM/CAD Director

  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Civil, structural, environmental, mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Scientists
  • Surveyors
  • Marketing staff
  • BIM/CAD staff
  • CEO/President
  • Board Chair 



Subscribe to A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite and you also get two supplemental data sets that fill in the gaps and give you the most complete look at the market for A/E talent.

  • A/E Compensation Strategy Snapshot: See how much your peer executives anticipate having to increase pay and benefits over the next calendar year to compete for talent.
  • A/E Intern & Contract Labor Compensation Data: Because not everyone is full-time or on your books, you need to be sure your pay rates for non-standard employees and contract labor is right.

Projected Comp Increase Data from Peer A/E Firms

Non-FTE Employee and Contract Labor Comp Data

Subscribe to A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite Today

What you get:

Annual A/E Staff Compensation Benchmark Survey Report

Annual A/E Management Compensation Benchmark Survey Report

$797 Value

$797 Value

Biennial A/E Bonus & Benefits Plans Benchmark Survey Report

Peer Firm Comparison Tools with A/E Compensation Inflation Adjustment Calculator and quarterly updates

$797 Value

$2,800 Value

Annual A/E Compensation Strategy Snapshot Report

2023 A/E Intern and Contract Labor Compensation Report

$247 Value

$247 Value

Implementation Support

Complete satisfaction guarantee. 

If your A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite doesn't help you make better, more confident compensation strategy decisions, let us know within 30 days for a complete refund. 

You get 1 hour of consultation with a PSMJ comp analyst to answer questions about the data and help you use it effectively

$147 Value

Plus, the 2024 Compensation Tools will include a NEW Metro-Region Adjustment feature!

One year of access to ALL these tools for only $3,197.
You save $2,600!

NEW Metro-Region Adjustment Feature Coming Spring 2024! Now you can automatically adjust PSMJ salary data in our tools to the metro region of your choice. With the click of a button, instantly bring your compensation study to the next level.

A/E Benchmark Survey Report Buyer: Why upgrade to A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite? 

Automatic Updates

As an A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite user, you always have access to the latest benchmarking data. That's because we make it available to subscribers before anyone else!

Exclusive Data Sets

Only A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite subscribers get critical additional data reports revealing peer-firm projected pay increases and intern/contract labor pay scales. 

Compensation Benchmarking Tools

Inflation Adjustment Built-In

A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite's Peer Firm Comparison Tools turn your firm's salary figures into eye-opening position-by-position comparison charts showing where you're overpaying or underpaying relative to firms your size, in your area, and in similar markets. 

To stay competitive, you've got to know how A/E pay is changing. That's why we rush subscribers an inflation adjustment metric each quarter. Simply enter the metric into your Comparison Tool for instant new hire offer and current employee raise guidance.  

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