Change Ahead: 2021 A/E/C Compensation and Benefits Practices Check-Up

Wednesday, Janary 27, 2021, 1:00-2:00 PM ET
Presented by Jenifer Navard, Senior Consultant, PSMJ Resources, Inc.

One of the most costly business management mistakes you can make in 2021 is trying to manage and motivate your A/E/C firm’s talent using pre-COVID thinking and data.  As we prepare for a new year, and new economic environment, and new way of working, it is absolutely imperative that you align your compensation and benefits strategy with new realities.

In this FREE one-hour webinar, PSMJ Senior Consultant and design firm CFO Jenifer Navard gives you practical and data-driven strategies to tackle some of your most pressing compensation and benefits challenges.  With advice guided by PSMJ’s best-in-class A/E compensation, bonus, and benefit benchmarking data, you learn easy-to-implement steps for making SURE your pay practices land in that “sweet spot” between too low and too high for today’s market.

Join us on January 27 at 1 PM ET to learn:

  • 3 warning signs your compensation model is incentivizing star performers… TO LEAVE YOUR FIRM
  • How you can stay competitive in a heating talent market — without overpaying
  • Right (and wrong) key performance indicators for compensation and benefits
  • How work-from-anywhere impacts your cost-of-living and market rate calculations
  • And much more!

PLUS, you get a demonstration of PSMJ’s latest compensation and benefits benchmarking tools … the key to making HR decisions that deliver ROI by retaining your most productive contributors.

If you are an A/E/C firm Principal, HR Director, or anyone who manages people, don’t make any compensation or benefits changes until you attend this live FREE webinar!