A/E/C Content Marketing Excellence Award

2023 A/E/C Content Marketing Excellence Award

Recognizing the most innovative and effective content marketing in architecture and engineering business development

Is your A/E/C firm’s business development team using content marketing to fill your funnel and convert superior leads into high-value clients? It’s time to get the recognition you deserve!

One of the key success drivers of the A/E/C industry’s top-performing firms is an ability to earn premium fees for delivering premium value. This high value mindset starts with a relentless focus on sourcing key strategic clients via marketing content application, creating ‘pull-through’ campaigns that attract quality leads. Plain and simple, that is content marketing – the focus on deploying content (e.g. videos, webinars, e-books, conferences, etc.) that helps your current and prospective clients with their most pressing challenges and, in so doing, positions your firm as a true thought leader. Content marketing is NOT the traditional approach to marketing with channels like advertising, sponsored social events, or other general awareness-building efforts.

In fact, PSMJ research consistently shows that the fastest-growing and most profitable A/E/C firms aren’t just outspending the competition on overall marketing. To the contrary, they often have smaller marketing budgets than the overall industry but make smarter investments.

As more A/E/C firms look for scalable and sustainable marketing investments for growth in any economic cycle, they are embracing the best practices of content marketing. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the A/E/C Content Marketing Excellence Award for 2023! If you have an innovative and effective approach to content marketing, here is your chance to get recognized for your efforts. This recognition can be a valuable tool in recruiting, employee engagement, and even in future strategic partnerships.

2023 A/E/C Content Marketing Excellence Award winners will be recognized at the A|E|C MarketPRO conference, September 20, 2023 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City!
How it works: 

1. After you checkout, we will be in touch to get your award entry process started. Complete the form and upload any supporting documents, urls, and other files that you think would be helpful for our judging panel.
2. Our panel of five PSMJ Senior Consultants and industry experts will select the top three entrants as winners.
3. The winners get recognized on PSMJ’s website and social media channels, an official award winner logo, and more.

Judging Criteria:
• Results: The judges look at any measurable data on leads, customers, and dollar value of total attributed sales. The more specific, the better.
• Creativity: The judges look at the degree to which this is different and unique to stand out from the pack.
• Resources: The judges look and the investment required to achieve the desired results.

In all of these criteria, the judging is relative to firm size…so winners won’t just be the mega-firms with blockbuster budgets!

Entry Fee:
• $495

Key Dates:
• Submissions Due: May 31, 2023
• Winners Announced: By June 30, 2023
• Winners Recognized: A|E|C MarketPRO Conference (September 20, 2023)