A/E Leadership Job Suitability Assessment

The A/E industry-specific tool for building your leadership team with confidence

Before you train and develop future business unit leaders. Before you invest in high achievers. Before you develop the strategic plan that will take your firm forward…


Your candidates complete the 30-minute online PSMJ Harrison Assessment by answering a series of questions. Then we crunch the data and compare it to industry-specific benchmarks to provide you with a concise action report featuring:

  • A simple quantitative score of the overall fit probability for the participant to the role.
  • Details on how the participant compares to benchmarks on specific traits.
  • Precise metrics on where your candidate ranks on must-have, desirable, and undesirable characteristics.
  • Specific areas of training and development that will have the greatest positive impact for the candidate and your firm.

This data allows you to flag skills gaps and pinpoint the support a newly-minted or experienced business unit leader will need to be successful. Only PSMJ’s exclusive Harrison Assessment provides this industry-specific data to help you get the most return on your personnel investments.

You need to identify both internal rising stars and recruiting targets outside the firm who have what you need.

Finding these high-potential individuals is never easy, but you know that such a critical decision should be less hunch and personal and more objective and unbiased.


To give design firm leaders a truly data-driven tool to identify emerging leaders, PSMJ has partnered with the job success predictive analysis experts at Harrison Assessment. The result is a new Job Success Formula (JSF) specific to A/E professionals who are responsible for both projects and employees—Business Unit Leaders. This includes Branch Office Managers, Regional Managers, and anyone else who manages a team of individuals!

And it is ONLY available here—from the A/E industry’s most trusted name in leadership training.


Working with nearly 100 proven leaders from engineering and architecture firms to pinpoint the skill sets and traits separating the average from the exceptional, PSMJ and the Harrison Assessment experts at Talent Matters determined what the best A/E business unit leaders have in common.

This innovative work correlated performance ratings to characteristics and found 175 work-related traits needed for this mission-critical role. PSMJ’s A/E Leadership Harrison Assessment Job Success Formula delivers immediately applicable data on where your Business Unit Leader candidate or employee stands with:

  • Essential Traits—Those distinct and different characteristics of highly-rated leaders.
  • Desirable traits—Behaviors shared by top performers, good performers, and average performers.
  • Traits to avoid—Those hidden characteristics found in poorly-performing leaders that limit their effectiveness and undermine their potential to contribute to your firm’s success.

This ground-breaking work gives design firm leaders a practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-use tool to help with the critical decision of who will lead your firm in the future. Don’t hire or promote without it.

Project Manager Harrison Assessment


Our exclusive A/E Leadership Harrison Assessments are available on an individual basis or at attractive group rates. To learn more about how to put this tool to work for your firm, click on the button below.

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