Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions – no matter which side of the transaction you are on – the challenges are complex and the risks are significant. You need a team that can steer you clear of a million-dollar mistake.

A Results-Driven Approach

PSMJ’s unique results-driven approach to mergers and acquisitions means we’re not just about closing deals. We’re committed to creating long-term sustainable value for you, even if that means recommending that you back away from a transaction if it just isn’t right. Trust PSMJ’s global team of mergers and acquisitions experts to guide you through the entire process – from developing a winning search strategy to successful post-transaction integration.

Just some of the ways that we support you (as a buyer or seller) include:

● Merger and Acquisition strategy development.  Your successful merger or acquisition process starts when we help you answer hard questions about what smart growth really looks like and how a transaction (or firm sale) achieves your objectives. With hundreds of deals under our belt, we can share deep insights about what works and where real value can be revealed.

● Target sourcing and screening.  Leveraging our worldwide network and a brand reputation that is second-to-none, we dig deep to identify and contact the highest quality targets that align with your defined goals.

● Valuation.  Don’t let your purchase or sale get derailed by unrealistic firm valuation expectations. PSMJ experts bring our vast proprietary data and experience to bear on putting the right price on your deal.

● Transaction negotiation support and Letter of Intent preparation.  When things get sticky, a voice of reason can carry the day.  Our reputation, perspective, and deep industry knowledge lend credibility and creativity when you need it most.

● Due diligence (Cultural/Strategic/Financial).  Moving your deal from “if” to “how”, our team examines project liabilities, cultural alignment, and key metrics to ensure smooth planning and a focus on what matters most.

● Post-transaction integration.  Way before the closing, we’re working with our clients to align the two organizations so that the closing really is the start of great things to come.

From around the corner to around the world, our M&A team has been there. We have facilitated and advised on hundreds of transactions of all sizes throughout the architecture, engineering, and construction industry and we are ready to help you achieve results.

A Proven Track Record

Need some proof that we can get your next merger or acquisition across the finish line?  Check out some recent transactions where our M&A experts initiated, advised, or otherwise facilitated the transaction.  Some of our latest transactions making headlines include:

Click here to view a complete list of recent transactions facilitated by PSMJ’s team!

Clients Confirm

Of course, while we’re certainly proud of our track record of making win-win transactions happen (did we mention that we’ve never had a deal fail to close when we are involved with drafting the Letter of Intent?), our clients know that we’re about way more than just building a list of done deals.  Right from the start, we strive to be the objective and company-focused voice to ensure that only the “right” mergers and acquisitions are on the table for evaluation.  But, don’t just take our word for it…hear directly from our clients:

About Our Experts

Our team of M&A experts bring unmatched and diverse hands-on transaction experience.  We hit the ground running and put our global reach and decades of experience to work for you right away.  You can get to know some of our M&A experts here:

Should your name be on this list?  Click here to learn more about joining PSMJ’s consulting team.

Additional Resources

If you are just getting started on a merger or acquisition, well down the road with many transactions under your belt, or anywhere in between, be sure to check out these valuable resources on mergers and acquisitions in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry:

  • A/E/C Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable.  This interactive and engaging two-day gathering of executive-level A/E/C firm leaders is focused on the high-priority issues and challenges of mergers and acquisitions.
  • The Ultimate Mergers & Acquisitions Manual.  Packed with advice, tools, checklists, and more, you can’t afford to not have this 335-page manual at your side whether you are a buyer or a seller.
  • A/E/C PULSE Blog.  This is the place to go to catch up on some of the latest M&A transactions making headlines and some of our latest tips and tricks for M&A success.